Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zigzag pictorial

as i promised a few weeks ago *sorry, work's been buuuuusy!* here's the pictorial for my zigzag nails :)

**when cutting your zigzag strips -MAKE SURE- you smooth the tape on the blade of the funky scissors. the tape will cut nicely this way :)*

1. start off with your nail filed, buffed and clean of any debris (if you're doing this with polish, make sure your base colour is completely dry)

2. apply your zig-zag strips that you cut using your funky scissors and tape.

3. apply as many strips as you'd like to your nail, spacing them out evenly. go back with a dotting tool and ensure that ALL sides are completely pressed down. this will ensure that none of the acrylic paint spreads anywhere else.

4. using your small paint brush and acrylic paint, begin to fill in the space between your zig-zag strips

5. fill in all open spaces between your strips and allow to dry.

6. once your acrylic paint is COMPLETELY DRY, slowly begin to remove the tape.

7. be sure to remove tape slowly to prevent the tape from ripping.

8. go back and use a polish corrector pen to clean up the sidewalls and cuticle area. if any paint managed to sneak under the tape, clean up the edges with your polish corrector pen. if there are any spots where the paint isn't thick enough, go back with your small brush and do your touch ups.

9. seal the zig-zag sweetness in! i recommend using a gel sealer if you're doing this on acrylic/gel nails (use a high shine top coat if you're doing this with polish!)

enjoy your kick-ass zig-zag nails - and let me know what you thought of this pictorial (be easy, this is my first one! lol) and if you'd like me to do any more of these :)