Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and i've been doing quite a bit of Valentine's inspired nail designs --however-- not all of them have been the classic racy-red with hearts. no, no my nail friends this year is different. My clients have been letting me have free reign more and more lately and i've been soaking it all up :)

these are my best friend's Valentine's nails. i told her i was doing what iiiiii wanted (lol) and she sat back and let me at 'em. while i was off from my surgery i became even more obsessed with Instagram and began following some really talented Japanese techs. i got the inspiration for the "hollow-hearts" from a few of their designs and thought it'd be a cute alternative to a 3D heart. now, my bestie loves animal print just as much as me, so of course i had to hand paint some leopard print for her. we finished these off with clusters of Swarovski rhinestones and some polka dots :)

and theeeeen there were my nails: LOUD AND PROUD! well.. maybe not at first lol these bright colors and mixture of patterns was a little intense for me at first. i usually always stick to the "safer" side. to me thats golds, silvers, black (in all different shades) and animal print. this time i thought i should put on my big-girl pants and step out of the box.. this was the result and i LOVE them! Bubble gum pink, teal, silver, white and a crazy miss-mash of prints. i hand painted my signature leopard print and decided i wanted these to be valentines-esque.. not smothered in hearts, xo's and red (you know that saying, "a little dab will do ya"?) thats just not me, but i do love it on everyone else. i love my little smooches on the white nails and the black polka dots on the teal are girly but still a little bit edgy. im really reaaaaalllyyyyy loving my almond nails, they just make me feel so feminine!

i tried desperately to record a new Valentine's Day themed gel polish video but everything i tried to do, wasn't video worthy. back to the drawing board, i guess :)

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