Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the power of social networking (and some super sweet techs)

my nail page when from 71 likes to 190 over night. how?! .. the power of social networking. because of two incredibly sweet techs sharing my nail page on their pages, my page's "likes" more than doubled overnight. thanks, girls!!

 you know, its really a great thing when we can work together and empower one another. why work against one another? why put each other down? its so great to have a network full of amazingly sweet, supportive, creatively talented techs that are willing to promote your work just as much as theirs. thank you social media for making it possible for all of us across the country (and the world) to be able to reach out, share ideas, get advice (and maybe even chit-chat a little).

i thought i'd end this off with a picture of my current nails - there's lots going on, but i think they're fun!

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