Friday, February 22, 2013


You know, its funny how what you (you, being the nail tech) are wearing on your own nails inspires or influences what your clients wear on their own nails. For the past month or so ive been wearing almond shaped nails and recently a few of my clients have switched from square to almond, too. On my recent set, i have half of my ring fingers covered in Swarovski crystals - today, two of my clients requested the same thing but with their own little twist. My crazy, loud, mix-match nails from last month inspired many sets that i've done recently. What a neat feeling to know that your own designs have inspired others to (sometimes) break out of the box and try something that they might not regularly try.

these are my nails right now :) i wanted something elegant with bling for our anniversary yesterday.
these are the nails i did today..
see how she got her inspiration from the placement of my rhinestones?
 these turned out so beautiful :)

bright, fun and sassy leopard print for my friend Ashley.. Happy Birthday (on Sunday) darling!

crazy, loud and as bright as they could possibly be haha. she wanted BRIGHT!

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