Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Jev xoxo

7 years ago that picture was taken. that was our first date. 7 years ago today, we officially became a couple. we were just a couple of teenagers, not knowing where life was headed, all we knew is that we had each other. i feel so blessed to have been able to grow with you these past 7 years, to share so many milestones in our lives together. i am so blessed to be love with my best friend. thank you for always supporting my dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. thank you for always standing beside me weather im right or wrong. thank you for being you

we've been faced with so many things, some tougher than others, but we've always made it through. like i always say: it may not always be easy, but it has always been worth it. thank you for always being my light on the darkest days. i cant even begin to tell you how much i look forward to what our future has in store, and where our life takes us. i love you always, yesterday-today-tomorrow.

happy 7 year anniversary, Jevad.
i love you xoxo

prom! 2006
our first vacation together - 2012

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