Friday, February 22, 2013


You know, its funny how what you (you, being the nail tech) are wearing on your own nails inspires or influences what your clients wear on their own nails. For the past month or so ive been wearing almond shaped nails and recently a few of my clients have switched from square to almond, too. On my recent set, i have half of my ring fingers covered in Swarovski crystals - today, two of my clients requested the same thing but with their own little twist. My crazy, loud, mix-match nails from last month inspired many sets that i've done recently. What a neat feeling to know that your own designs have inspired others to (sometimes) break out of the box and try something that they might not regularly try.

these are my nails right now :) i wanted something elegant with bling for our anniversary yesterday.
these are the nails i did today..
see how she got her inspiration from the placement of my rhinestones?
 these turned out so beautiful :)

bright, fun and sassy leopard print for my friend Ashley.. Happy Birthday (on Sunday) darling!

crazy, loud and as bright as they could possibly be haha. she wanted BRIGHT!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Jev xoxo

7 years ago that picture was taken. that was our first date. 7 years ago today, we officially became a couple. we were just a couple of teenagers, not knowing where life was headed, all we knew is that we had each other. i feel so blessed to have been able to grow with you these past 7 years, to share so many milestones in our lives together. i am so blessed to be love with my best friend. thank you for always supporting my dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. thank you for always standing beside me weather im right or wrong. thank you for being you

we've been faced with so many things, some tougher than others, but we've always made it through. like i always say: it may not always be easy, but it has always been worth it. thank you for always being my light on the darkest days. i cant even begin to tell you how much i look forward to what our future has in store, and where our life takes us. i love you always, yesterday-today-tomorrow.

happy 7 year anniversary, Jevad.
i love you xoxo

prom! 2006
our first vacation together - 2012

Monday, February 18, 2013


ive been really trying to look for different things to offer my clients lately. ive fallen in love with Japanese nail art and have taken some inspiration from some people that i follow on instagram, but not everyone is adventurous enough to try out some of the beautifully intricate and innovative designs, and hey, thats okay! now, i know that the 'tape mani' isnt new to the nail world by any means. but, its new to me and my clients and i really wanted to give it a try.

ive tried it with gel polish, regular polish, and now acrylic paint and i think ive found the perfect match. i had my beautiful niece in for her nails last week and told her she was going to be my guinea pig mwahahaha! of course, she was up for it and this is what we came up with:

remember that i had mentioned that i found the perfect match? well, i meant that acrylic paint truly worked best for me when doing this design. i tried, and tried, and tried (and tried some more) to do this with gel polish and it just didnt work. the acrylic paint was thick enough that it stayed where i put it, and if it did seep underneath the tape, i was able to go back after with my polish corrector pen and clean up any edges :) ... which leads me to this:

i hadn't made a video in quite some time and thought this would be perfect to do because it can be done on both natural nails and nail enhancements.. who doesn't love versatility?! i also made a pictorial that i uploaded to my instagram -but- im going to do another post after this with the pictorial here as well :) if anyone tries out this zigzag mani, be sure to send me a picture *or link to the picture* 'cause id love to see it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and i've been doing quite a bit of Valentine's inspired nail designs --however-- not all of them have been the classic racy-red with hearts. no, no my nail friends this year is different. My clients have been letting me have free reign more and more lately and i've been soaking it all up :)

these are my best friend's Valentine's nails. i told her i was doing what iiiiii wanted (lol) and she sat back and let me at 'em. while i was off from my surgery i became even more obsessed with Instagram and began following some really talented Japanese techs. i got the inspiration for the "hollow-hearts" from a few of their designs and thought it'd be a cute alternative to a 3D heart. now, my bestie loves animal print just as much as me, so of course i had to hand paint some leopard print for her. we finished these off with clusters of Swarovski rhinestones and some polka dots :)

and theeeeen there were my nails: LOUD AND PROUD! well.. maybe not at first lol these bright colors and mixture of patterns was a little intense for me at first. i usually always stick to the "safer" side. to me thats golds, silvers, black (in all different shades) and animal print. this time i thought i should put on my big-girl pants and step out of the box.. this was the result and i LOVE them! Bubble gum pink, teal, silver, white and a crazy miss-mash of prints. i hand painted my signature leopard print and decided i wanted these to be valentines-esque.. not smothered in hearts, xo's and red (you know that saying, "a little dab will do ya"?) thats just not me, but i do love it on everyone else. i love my little smooches on the white nails and the black polka dots on the teal are girly but still a little bit edgy. im really reaaaaalllyyyyy loving my almond nails, they just make me feel so feminine!

i tried desperately to record a new Valentine's Day themed gel polish video but everything i tried to do, wasn't video worthy. back to the drawing board, i guess :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the power of social networking (and some super sweet techs)

my nail page when from 71 likes to 190 over night. how?! .. the power of social networking. because of two incredibly sweet techs sharing my nail page on their pages, my page's "likes" more than doubled overnight. thanks, girls!!

 you know, its really a great thing when we can work together and empower one another. why work against one another? why put each other down? its so great to have a network full of amazingly sweet, supportive, creatively talented techs that are willing to promote your work just as much as theirs. thank you social media for making it possible for all of us across the country (and the world) to be able to reach out, share ideas, get advice (and maybe even chit-chat a little).

i thought i'd end this off with a picture of my current nails - there's lots going on, but i think they're fun!