Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Surgery :(

well, its the first day after my gallbladder surgery (ouchieeee)... and as i lay here in my big ol' comfy bed in my favorite hello kitty & marilyn monroe pjs, being doted on by the sweetest boyfriend ever, i decided it'd be the perfect time to post some more nail pictures! maybe ill post one a day (seeing as how im off for one whole week.. and nail-withdrawl is kicking in already haha)

i had my surgery yesterday, and yesterday i wasn't feeling too bad.. today's a different story. my poor tummy is so sore, but hey, its nothing compared to having those nasty gallbladder attacks. even though it wasn't major surgery i was still really nervous. all of the nurses and my surgeon were super nice, so that helped calm my nerves quite a bit :) my friends and family are so sweet, too. they've been checking up on me all day 

enough about me.. on to the nails :) ive been really neglecting my blog lately and i havent been meaning to. i was dealing with my silly gallbladder and the month of december was insanely busy.. i have been updating my instagram almost daily with different nail pictures but for those who dont follow my instagram, im going to be posting a picture a day for the next week of some of my favorite sets that ive done lately :)

i love, love, love this set. my client came in and told me she wanted leopard print, bows and to incorporate the color red.. so i just went with it and this was the result :) the pinkies are meant to look as if they have fishnet over them, i applied small red rhinestones to the middle of each bow and then alternated between medium and small black rhinestones on the index fingers to separate the gold and red (i think the black rhinestones kind of tied everything together)

i love when clients come in and give me free reign on their nails. sometimes ill ask if they have any colors in mind, or if they're opposed to any colors in particular and then i just do whatever comes to mind. that is why i love my job. the freedom of creativity, i get to create a custom piece of artwork on each client every-single-day. 

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