Saturday, January 19, 2013

nail trend: almond nails

its weird how nail trends hit different places at different times. i've yet to see anyone here wearing duck feet nails thank goodness (sorry!) and i havent seen too many stiletto's either. But one trend i have noticed: Almond nails. this shape is so flattering on many natural nail shapes and is making a comeback.. i think it may even be starting to shed its 'granny nails' stereotype. I do have one question, though: would you sport this classy shape? maybe wear it with a twist of nail art? or nude and natural?

i loved the way almond nails looked on everyone else, so i decided to take the plunge and stray from my comfort zone of classic square or natural nails with gel polish. girlfriend, was i ever pleasantly surprised! i found this shape to be so easy to wear - and i even wore them long! i felt so feminine but still edgy because i added my own twist of modern nail art. i've even inspired some of my clients to switch over to the softer side and rock a set of almonds.

my next set? im thinking: pink, polkadots and bows;

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