Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

so, i may be a little late.. but, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

let me start off by saying its been wayyyy too long. December was an insanely busy month with family, friends and work which left little time for me, between finishing my days and dragging my butt to bed, to write any posts :(  i can't really complain though. december was a month filled with family and friends, rich in love and laughter - AND SOME REALLY AWESOME NAILS! everyone is over the winter nails now, but i thought i should post some of my favorites from this past holiday season:

these were my christmas/NYE nails! i gave almond nails another shot and i really loved them. i wanted something festive without using red and green *those just aren't my kind of colours* so i chose for a nice contrast of champagne gold and black. also, are we loving my little holiday sweater ring finger?! that had to be my favorite nail of the whole set :)

candy cane nails are always cute for the holidays!

i was told my client wanted red, green and silver.. so i just went with it! these were so darn sparkly in person! she's decided to let me do what i'd like on her nails more often :)

another version of the holiday sweater nail. i wish i could wear this style all year 'round haha

Santa, baby... 

even though i pushed my blog to the side last month, i managed to stay on top of my Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube Channel. and im so excited to say: i now have 60 likes on my Facebook, 62 YouTube Subscribers and 309 Instagram followers! im hoping to make a new nail video soon.. its been over a month and i'd really like to get another one up before the end of January :) 

wishing everyone a beautiful 2013 filled with love and laughter;

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