Sunday, November 18, 2012


im still here. i promise. i really miss blogging daily, but life lately has been chaotic and by the end of the day im ready for pjs, cuddles and sleep. i promised myself that i would keep up with this blog when i started it.. and im going to try really hard to keep that promise - so today im doing two separate posts! yep, you heard me! this one will just be a regular blog post, blabbering about my recent shenanigans. the second will be dedicated strictly to nails, nails and more nails.

where do i begin? work is getting more hectic than it usually is *helloooo, holiday season!* and its great :) we really do have the best group of clientele at the shop. dawn and i have been brainstorming lately and we've got something exciting and new coming to the GlamGirl product line. we're going to be introducing some custom mixed glitters with different things in each mix - expect these to be ultra fabulous, i can't wait to start creating them! as well as revamping a few of our previous items. GlamGirl Nail Accessories is still very new, we're just starting out so we're still trying to work everything out.. but its coming along, and we're just going with the flow.

we've been getting to spend a lot of time with my best friend, our niece and their family. well, their family is like our family.. we're just one big happy family :) its been a real treat to watch our goddaughter grow over these past 4 months. she's just so beautiful. she fills our hearts with so much love.

ive been making some youtube nail art tutorials lately, and im really enjoying it. i'm hoping to film another one in the upcoming week and would love it if anyone had any suggestions :)

baby, im back!;

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