Tuesday, October 9, 2012


i thought since i was off early today, id write a post before midnight hahaha. today was a slower day at work - but - i got to do a pretty set of zebra nails on my best friend today :)

we did this hot pink set 2 weeks ago. i love the contrast between the hot pink (INM's Northern Lights Neon Pink) and the silver inlays (GlamGirl Nail Accessories). i added this photo to my instagram, and they were a hit :)

so today was the day for her fill. we couldnt decide if we wanted to keep the silver or completely get rid of it - i chose to keep it, and im glad i did! i think the black, white and silver all go so nicely together. two of my fave things: glitter and animal print. im so happy with how these turned out! 

tomorrow's the day! im going to (try) and film my first nail video. im doing some Halloween nails on Dawn  - i might recreate one of the sets i did the other day but with a twist so they're not identical. im so excited! hopefully it works out okay :) thank goodness for editing haha

lights, camera, action!;

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