Wednesday, October 24, 2012

tutu's and feathers and rhinestones, OH MY!

eeeeeeek! im getting so excited! we're going out this saturday to celebrate Dawn's birthday and halloween. do you have any idea what that means?! i get to wear my peacock tutu! its been sitting at work in the back room for a month now, taunting me (is it bad that ive been tempted to wear it around the shop? lol) im looking forward to getting to play around with bright, beautiful makeup. hey, i even have an excuse to glue rhinestones to my face hahaha. ive got some smaller peacock feathers to glue to my face also - i've envisioned my makeup ever since i decided to go as a peacock this year.. hopefully everything goes off without a hitch.

i made another video today :). just a short one, but the design is reallllllllyyyyyy neat! im beginning to edit it right now so it will be up tomorrow sometime! its another gel polish design, but it can be done on acrylics/gels and with regular polish also. im realllllyyyy hoping to be able to do another acrylic tutorial very soon. very very soon.

'tutu' excited for halloween!

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