Thursday, October 18, 2012

rainy day = video day

its another wet, very very wet day here. the rain is bouncing off the ground and its so cold against your skin. its the perfect night to go see a movie.. wait a minute, we are going to a movie! double date night! we're going to see Pitch Perfect with my best friend and her hubby. cant wait! i dont see her as much as id like :(

technically i was off today, but i went in and did a friends nails for her because she is off to Disney Land this weekend - lucky girl! she wears her nails short, so we opted to go with gel polish and do some Disney themed designs on them :) they turned out pretty cute, if i do say so myself haha

we used OPI's gelcolor in 'Big Apple Red' and 'Alpine Snow' on her ring fingers. i stamped some Minnie Mouse-esque polka dots on the red then hand painted some Mickey Mouse head polka dots! cuuuuute!

guess whaaaaaat? i did a mini tutorial on this design today. its pretty straight forward but i thought it'd still make a neat little tutorial. 

this floral design has to be one of my favorites. i was just messing around today and decided to make another video and this is what i came up with - abstract roses. the neat thing about this design is it can be done in both gel and regular polish and it can be done on top of acrylic & gel nails as well as natural nails. im uploading both videos to my computer as im typing this and im going to start editing them tonight. hopefully at least one will be up tomorrow, if not, then tomorrow night some time. 

tonight is VAMPIRE DIARIES night!!!! i love that show!

movie, pjs, vampires, editing, sleep..;

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