Saturday, October 13, 2012

lights, camera, action!

alright, so i may not have starred in a hollywood flick, but i uploaded another nail art video today to YouTube. its just a simple video on how i hand paint my leopard print, but im pretty proud of it :) im slowly starting to learn more and more about proper camera angles, lighting and editing. so, here it is! my newest video. if you have a minute, watch it and tell me what you think :)

also, i did these super cute but simple nails at the beginning of the week and i forgot to post them on here (even though i posted them to my instagram). the pink we used is called French Quarter by EZ Flow, we then stamped over her whole nail - leaving her moons stamp-free - with a super cute flower stamp in a pink shade just slightly darker than the acrylic colour. this client really enjoys subtle designs on her nails, but wanted to play it up a bit this time with the pink (we usually stick with white french and then stamp in white over her nails). these are short, simple and sweet.

so, ive recently subscribed to itsjudyslife on YouTube, and i love watching their daily vlogs! Judy and Benji are married and expecting their first baby at the beginning of November. their daily vlogs are full of their daily life, throw in some beauty tutorials on judy's other channel, and some great recipes from benji on his own channel, and you've got one of the cutest couples ev-errrr! case in point: they've inspired me to start a vlog. maybe not every day.. but hopefully a couple times a week. clearly there will be no vlogs on bad hair days, just sayin'. hahaha

off to the movies with my man;

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