Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

i really do have a lot to be thankful for this year. i feel so blessed to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people in my life.

we spent this thanksgiving at my best friend, Amanda's house. her family is family to us. shes been my best friend since we were 5 and is more like a sister to me - love you, darling! i call her parents 'mom' and 'dad', they call me their daughter and jev their 'boy' or son. their house is filled with so much love. i feel so lucky to have them in our lives. Mom and dad cooked a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixin's. theres something so heartwarming to me about 17 people sitting around the table. the chaos of people passing the potatoes to one end and turkey to another, trying not to intersect the passing of the buns. feels like home.

dinner was amazing, and desert definitely pushed me into a good ol' turkey coma. we had some cuddles with baby Maddie and some laughs with everyone else. what a great Thanksgiving 

what am i thankful for?

im beyond thankful for finding my other half, someone who loves me unconditionally, the one who knows exactly what to do or say to put a smile on my face when i need it most.. the one who fills my heart with so much love. im truly blessed. im thankful to be surrounded by such amazing family - wether theyre all the way over on the East Coast, or friends that have become our family. im so thankful for the time we got to spend in Quebec this summer, spending time with family i wish i got to see more than once a year. i cherish the time we all spent together - im thankful for having such an amazing family that makes such an effort to be involved even though we're so far apart. Jevad and i also became 'aunty & godmum' and 'uncle' this year. July 2nd. a day ill never forget. baby Maddie came into all of our lives.. it really is amazing how one, tiny little being can fill your heart with so much love - Aunty and Uncle love you so much, baby girl. i know im never alone in any decision i make, because i have such an amazing group of people who love and support me. im truly blessed. im also very thankful for the (small) group of true friends that have never left my side. thank you for standing beside me through it all.

i feel like i have grown quite a bit since last year, too. i feel comfortable in saying that i have come into my own. i now know who i am, and where im going. ive finally found the strength to overcome many personal obstacles and ive learned my limits. im so thankful for all of this.

and last but certainly not least, im thankful for our business. we may be small, and we may have a lot of growing to do, but im so thankful for the opportunity that Dawn has given me to be able to co-own a business at such a young age. its been so amazing to see Shabby Chic grow from where we started to now.

im thankful for a lot of things, really. too many to list. im thankful for this life im living, even though at times it can be rough, its my life. our life. together. and i wouldn't change a thing. 

happy thanksgiving 

counting my blessings;

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