Monday, October 29, 2012


okay so maybe its not technically Halloween until wednesday - but - last night we went out to celebrate! i finally got to wear my tutu that i made! my costume and makeup turned out so well, i was so happy because every other year something goes wrong. my tutu ended up being so poofy, and i loved it :) i usually end up panicing a week before halloween, jumping from store to store to try and find some kind of costume.. but not this year. we planned our costumes out in september and i made mine a month early. i guess it does pay to not procrastinate haha.

for my makeup, i got really creative. i set aside some feathers because i knew i wanted to somehow incorporate them into my makeup look. i used the brightest greens, blues, teals and purples i could find in my (many) makeup palettes. i love getting to play with makeup so creatively!

i decided to conceal my eyebrows with the feathers. i was going to place them on the sides of my eyes (where i placed rhinestones instead!) but they would have gotten caught in my hair. im so happy i put them where i did, i think it took my makeup to a whole different level. i actually ended up doing my makeup twice because the first time the colours didnt blend very well and it looked completely different  than the look that i actually ended up wearing. you cant really tell but i do have a bit of darker blue in my outer corners to make it a bit more of smoky eye :) i finished off the eyes with some super dramatic (and fabulous) lashes from the halloween store and of course i needed to have a little bit of bling by adding some Swarovski crystals. for my hair i wore my Luxy Hair Extensions and curled my hair really big.. then i backcombed the crap out of it, that way it was big and full (like a peacock's fan of feathers). i glued some feathers to bobby pins and then placed them in my hair, making it look like the feathers swept my hair back. im so happy with how this turned out :)

as for my costume: i made my own peacock tutu and paired it with a black tank from H&M and some black shorts. i also wore some black fishnets. ive already said it a million times in this post, but im so happy with how this all came together! especially since i made my costume this year. hey, i might even make my costume again next year! Jevads costume was simple (but effective lol) he was Hal's alias, Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. we are obsessed with that show so Jevad drew on his fabulous 'stache, wore a shirt with 'Heisenberg' and a cartoon drawing of Heisenberg on it, bought a cheap hat and wore his own sunglasses :) good costume, hunny!

hanging up my tutu until next year;

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