Sunday, October 7, 2012

ghoulish nails

its the most wonderful time of the yeeeear! no, its not christmas yet. its the beginning of the festive nail season! yippeeeee! i love theme nails, especially halloween and christmas nails. a time to get those creative juices flowing and expand your creative limits, push your boundaries and produce some beautiful works of art. i love this time of year!

ive noticed that this year black and purple are two very popular colours for Halloween. and i love it! *how many times have i said 'love' so far? lol* they feel like a more mature take on halloween shades rather than the typical black and orange - which, might i add - i am wearing at the moment. i did two sets of halloween nails on saturday that im quite proud of. they are similar in that i used the same black sparkle and purple diamonds as the main focus, but i added some different things to both sets. take a little gander, if you will:

who doesnt love jack-o-lanterns? i decided to add a pumpkin face on both ring fingers in this set. the spiders and bats on were all my client. we threw on some spider web stamps to tie it all in.

sets of nails are almost like our children. we take care of them on a daily basis, fix them if anything is broken and are proud to call them ours. i know you shouldnt give preferential treatment to your 'children'... but i have to with this one. im a sucker for a good set of fade nails. i love the look of this custom black sparkle i mixed, along with the GlamGirl purple diamond inlays faded down the nails. 
these were actually inspired by a photo my client brought in - we took the idea and ran with it, but made it our own *artist of the original set of nails is unknown, otherwise credit would have been given!* the delicate spiderwebs and 3D spiders 'wrap' this look up nicely - yes, that pun was completely intended.

 tomorrow is thanksgiving! we'll be spending it with my best friend and her family, who is basically our family, too! i am soooo looking forward to some baby cuddles with my god daughter :)

preparing for a turkey coma;

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