Saturday, October 27, 2012

Galaxy Nails!!

heres the video i did a couple days ago! ive been seeing galaxy nails pop up all over the nail community for a while now and have never been brave enough to try them until now. i cant wait to do a full set of these on one of my clients! they were so fun to do for the video :) i used purple, blue, yellow, orange and white acrylic paints.. but really, the colour combinations are endless. im trying to think of some designs to do in acrylic, so if anyone has any ideas (or requests!) leave a comment :)

take a few minutes if youd like, and watch my newest video :) also, make sure to subscribe to get notifications of my new videos!

tomorrow night we're going out for halloween! keep an eye on my Instagram for lots of fun pictures of our night!

getting some beauty rest;

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