Thursday, October 4, 2012

a little of this, a little of that.

ive been stuck on what to blog about lately. so, my dearies.. today will be a day of 'this'n'that'. a day of mish-mashed nonsense to fill an entry. turn back now if you'd like, or join me in my shenanigans. you've been forewarned that the following may make no sense at all.. proceed if you will!

i did my first set of Halloween nails today - yippeeeee! they were pretty tame, compared to some that ive done in the past. care to take a peek?

please excuse the lack of cuticle oil - i completely forgot to apply some before taking the photo. this client is coming in for her next fill in November, so i wanted to give her something festive, but also something that is still wearable, and not overtly Halloween. I mixed 3 of our GlamGirl Nail Accessories: GlamGirl Glitters to create this fun and dimensional burnt orange - this colour screams 'fall' to me! Im a sucker for a nice fade, so are my clients. so, i faded the orange down her nail and inlaid some of our GlamGirl black netting to give the nails a 'scaly' or 'snakeskin' kind of feel. like i said, these are supposed to be Halloween-ish.

i fiiiiinally got to switch my friends nails from gel back to acrylic. you see, gel and i have a bit of a rocky relationship. when its good, its okay. and when its bad, its bad lol i feel like im a way stronger acrylic tech than gel - i can do both, but i really am an acrylic tech at heart. my dear, sweet friend has very small nail beds so we try to extend them a tad. she's also a sucker for my deep smile lines. hey, i aim to please! today she opted for a fun, sparkle nail bed and classic black french. We spiced it up even more by adding some sporadically placed black rhinestones. awesome.

after a very long and extremely busy day, my wonderful friend Dawn had Jev and i over for some homemade mac & cheese. after devouring my entire serving, we decided it was best to follow up the mac & cheese with some fro-yo from Qoola :) the best frozen yogurt place ev-uuurrrr. i had a small cup of red velvet yogurt with fresh strawberries, crumbled Oh Henry, and some cherries. mmm-mmm!

like all the little hearts? i downloaded this app for my phone called Bokeh so i can add those cute little hearts (there's also stars, hexagons and circles) to my pictures for a little extra somethin'-somethin'.

tomorrow: I'm off!! no work for this girl, so.. its another Jevie and me day! but tonight, tonight we shall plop our bodies in front of the tv, grab our BBQ crispy minis and indulge in season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. no spoilers, please! clients have already almost let a few details slip, but ive managed to dodge any spoilers up until this point .. lol.

bloggin' in my pj's;

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