Monday, October 29, 2012


okay so maybe its not technically Halloween until wednesday - but - last night we went out to celebrate! i finally got to wear my tutu that i made! my costume and makeup turned out so well, i was so happy because every other year something goes wrong. my tutu ended up being so poofy, and i loved it :) i usually end up panicing a week before halloween, jumping from store to store to try and find some kind of costume.. but not this year. we planned our costumes out in september and i made mine a month early. i guess it does pay to not procrastinate haha.

for my makeup, i got really creative. i set aside some feathers because i knew i wanted to somehow incorporate them into my makeup look. i used the brightest greens, blues, teals and purples i could find in my (many) makeup palettes. i love getting to play with makeup so creatively!

i decided to conceal my eyebrows with the feathers. i was going to place them on the sides of my eyes (where i placed rhinestones instead!) but they would have gotten caught in my hair. im so happy i put them where i did, i think it took my makeup to a whole different level. i actually ended up doing my makeup twice because the first time the colours didnt blend very well and it looked completely different  than the look that i actually ended up wearing. you cant really tell but i do have a bit of darker blue in my outer corners to make it a bit more of smoky eye :) i finished off the eyes with some super dramatic (and fabulous) lashes from the halloween store and of course i needed to have a little bit of bling by adding some Swarovski crystals. for my hair i wore my Luxy Hair Extensions and curled my hair really big.. then i backcombed the crap out of it, that way it was big and full (like a peacock's fan of feathers). i glued some feathers to bobby pins and then placed them in my hair, making it look like the feathers swept my hair back. im so happy with how this turned out :)

as for my costume: i made my own peacock tutu and paired it with a black tank from H&M and some black shorts. i also wore some black fishnets. ive already said it a million times in this post, but im so happy with how this all came together! especially since i made my costume this year. hey, i might even make my costume again next year! Jevads costume was simple (but effective lol) he was Hal's alias, Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. we are obsessed with that show so Jevad drew on his fabulous 'stache, wore a shirt with 'Heisenberg' and a cartoon drawing of Heisenberg on it, bought a cheap hat and wore his own sunglasses :) good costume, hunny!

hanging up my tutu until next year;

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Galaxy Nails!!

heres the video i did a couple days ago! ive been seeing galaxy nails pop up all over the nail community for a while now and have never been brave enough to try them until now. i cant wait to do a full set of these on one of my clients! they were so fun to do for the video :) i used purple, blue, yellow, orange and white acrylic paints.. but really, the colour combinations are endless. im trying to think of some designs to do in acrylic, so if anyone has any ideas (or requests!) leave a comment :)

take a few minutes if youd like, and watch my newest video :) also, make sure to subscribe to get notifications of my new videos!

tomorrow night we're going out for halloween! keep an eye on my Instagram for lots of fun pictures of our night!

getting some beauty rest;

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

tutu's and feathers and rhinestones, OH MY!

eeeeeeek! im getting so excited! we're going out this saturday to celebrate Dawn's birthday and halloween. do you have any idea what that means?! i get to wear my peacock tutu! its been sitting at work in the back room for a month now, taunting me (is it bad that ive been tempted to wear it around the shop? lol) im looking forward to getting to play around with bright, beautiful makeup. hey, i even have an excuse to glue rhinestones to my face hahaha. ive got some smaller peacock feathers to glue to my face also - i've envisioned my makeup ever since i decided to go as a peacock this year.. hopefully everything goes off without a hitch.

i made another video today :). just a short one, but the design is reallllllllyyyyyy neat! im beginning to edit it right now so it will be up tomorrow sometime! its another gel polish design, but it can be done on acrylics/gels and with regular polish also. im realllllyyyy hoping to be able to do another acrylic tutorial very soon. very very soon.

'tutu' excited for halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

roses and polka dots

i did another 2 videos this week :) both pretty simple designs but i thought they were quite cute.

abstract roses gel polish tutorial

Mickey Mouse polka dots

i have another very popular design that im going to make a video on this week. its going to be another gel polish one.. im hoping to be able to do another acrylic tutorial soon!

back to work tomorrow;

Thursday, October 18, 2012

rainy day = video day

its another wet, very very wet day here. the rain is bouncing off the ground and its so cold against your skin. its the perfect night to go see a movie.. wait a minute, we are going to a movie! double date night! we're going to see Pitch Perfect with my best friend and her hubby. cant wait! i dont see her as much as id like :(

technically i was off today, but i went in and did a friends nails for her because she is off to Disney Land this weekend - lucky girl! she wears her nails short, so we opted to go with gel polish and do some Disney themed designs on them :) they turned out pretty cute, if i do say so myself haha

we used OPI's gelcolor in 'Big Apple Red' and 'Alpine Snow' on her ring fingers. i stamped some Minnie Mouse-esque polka dots on the red then hand painted some Mickey Mouse head polka dots! cuuuuute!

guess whaaaaaat? i did a mini tutorial on this design today. its pretty straight forward but i thought it'd still make a neat little tutorial. 

this floral design has to be one of my favorites. i was just messing around today and decided to make another video and this is what i came up with - abstract roses. the neat thing about this design is it can be done in both gel and regular polish and it can be done on top of acrylic & gel nails as well as natural nails. im uploading both videos to my computer as im typing this and im going to start editing them tonight. hopefully at least one will be up tomorrow, if not, then tomorrow night some time. 

tonight is VAMPIRE DIARIES night!!!! i love that show!

movie, pjs, vampires, editing, sleep..;

Saturday, October 13, 2012

lights, camera, action!

alright, so i may not have starred in a hollywood flick, but i uploaded another nail art video today to YouTube. its just a simple video on how i hand paint my leopard print, but im pretty proud of it :) im slowly starting to learn more and more about proper camera angles, lighting and editing. so, here it is! my newest video. if you have a minute, watch it and tell me what you think :)

also, i did these super cute but simple nails at the beginning of the week and i forgot to post them on here (even though i posted them to my instagram). the pink we used is called French Quarter by EZ Flow, we then stamped over her whole nail - leaving her moons stamp-free - with a super cute flower stamp in a pink shade just slightly darker than the acrylic colour. this client really enjoys subtle designs on her nails, but wanted to play it up a bit this time with the pink (we usually stick with white french and then stamp in white over her nails). these are short, simple and sweet.

so, ive recently subscribed to itsjudyslife on YouTube, and i love watching their daily vlogs! Judy and Benji are married and expecting their first baby at the beginning of November. their daily vlogs are full of their daily life, throw in some beauty tutorials on judy's other channel, and some great recipes from benji on his own channel, and you've got one of the cutest couples ev-errrr! case in point: they've inspired me to start a vlog. maybe not every day.. but hopefully a couple times a week. clearly there will be no vlogs on bad hair days, just sayin'. hahaha

off to the movies with my man;

Thursday, October 11, 2012

my first nail video!

finaaallllyyyyyy. i fiiiinnnaaalllllyyyyy made a nail video after talking about doing it for over a year. i still need to figure out proper camera placement and lighting, but i super happy with how this turned out :) the nails in the video are dawns Halloween nails for her costume - hence the name Modern Medusa.

if you take a minute to watch the video, let me know what you think! 

thinking of my next video, already..;

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


i thought since i was off early today, id write a post before midnight hahaha. today was a slower day at work - but - i got to do a pretty set of zebra nails on my best friend today :)

we did this hot pink set 2 weeks ago. i love the contrast between the hot pink (INM's Northern Lights Neon Pink) and the silver inlays (GlamGirl Nail Accessories). i added this photo to my instagram, and they were a hit :)

so today was the day for her fill. we couldnt decide if we wanted to keep the silver or completely get rid of it - i chose to keep it, and im glad i did! i think the black, white and silver all go so nicely together. two of my fave things: glitter and animal print. im so happy with how these turned out! 

tomorrow's the day! im going to (try) and film my first nail video. im doing some Halloween nails on Dawn  - i might recreate one of the sets i did the other day but with a twist so they're not identical. im so excited! hopefully it works out okay :) thank goodness for editing haha

lights, camera, action!;

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

i really do have a lot to be thankful for this year. i feel so blessed to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people in my life.

we spent this thanksgiving at my best friend, Amanda's house. her family is family to us. shes been my best friend since we were 5 and is more like a sister to me - love you, darling! i call her parents 'mom' and 'dad', they call me their daughter and jev their 'boy' or son. their house is filled with so much love. i feel so lucky to have them in our lives. Mom and dad cooked a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixin's. theres something so heartwarming to me about 17 people sitting around the table. the chaos of people passing the potatoes to one end and turkey to another, trying not to intersect the passing of the buns. feels like home.

dinner was amazing, and desert definitely pushed me into a good ol' turkey coma. we had some cuddles with baby Maddie and some laughs with everyone else. what a great Thanksgiving 

what am i thankful for?

im beyond thankful for finding my other half, someone who loves me unconditionally, the one who knows exactly what to do or say to put a smile on my face when i need it most.. the one who fills my heart with so much love. im truly blessed. im thankful to be surrounded by such amazing family - wether theyre all the way over on the East Coast, or friends that have become our family. im so thankful for the time we got to spend in Quebec this summer, spending time with family i wish i got to see more than once a year. i cherish the time we all spent together - im thankful for having such an amazing family that makes such an effort to be involved even though we're so far apart. Jevad and i also became 'aunty & godmum' and 'uncle' this year. July 2nd. a day ill never forget. baby Maddie came into all of our lives.. it really is amazing how one, tiny little being can fill your heart with so much love - Aunty and Uncle love you so much, baby girl. i know im never alone in any decision i make, because i have such an amazing group of people who love and support me. im truly blessed. im also very thankful for the (small) group of true friends that have never left my side. thank you for standing beside me through it all.

i feel like i have grown quite a bit since last year, too. i feel comfortable in saying that i have come into my own. i now know who i am, and where im going. ive finally found the strength to overcome many personal obstacles and ive learned my limits. im so thankful for all of this.

and last but certainly not least, im thankful for our business. we may be small, and we may have a lot of growing to do, but im so thankful for the opportunity that Dawn has given me to be able to co-own a business at such a young age. its been so amazing to see Shabby Chic grow from where we started to now.

im thankful for a lot of things, really. too many to list. im thankful for this life im living, even though at times it can be rough, its my life. our life. together. and i wouldn't change a thing. 

happy thanksgiving 

counting my blessings;

Sunday, October 7, 2012

ghoulish nails

its the most wonderful time of the yeeeear! no, its not christmas yet. its the beginning of the festive nail season! yippeeeee! i love theme nails, especially halloween and christmas nails. a time to get those creative juices flowing and expand your creative limits, push your boundaries and produce some beautiful works of art. i love this time of year!

ive noticed that this year black and purple are two very popular colours for Halloween. and i love it! *how many times have i said 'love' so far? lol* they feel like a more mature take on halloween shades rather than the typical black and orange - which, might i add - i am wearing at the moment. i did two sets of halloween nails on saturday that im quite proud of. they are similar in that i used the same black sparkle and purple diamonds as the main focus, but i added some different things to both sets. take a little gander, if you will:

who doesnt love jack-o-lanterns? i decided to add a pumpkin face on both ring fingers in this set. the spiders and bats on were all my client. we threw on some spider web stamps to tie it all in.

sets of nails are almost like our children. we take care of them on a daily basis, fix them if anything is broken and are proud to call them ours. i know you shouldnt give preferential treatment to your 'children'... but i have to with this one. im a sucker for a good set of fade nails. i love the look of this custom black sparkle i mixed, along with the GlamGirl purple diamond inlays faded down the nails. 
these were actually inspired by a photo my client brought in - we took the idea and ran with it, but made it our own *artist of the original set of nails is unknown, otherwise credit would have been given!* the delicate spiderwebs and 3D spiders 'wrap' this look up nicely - yes, that pun was completely intended.

 tomorrow is thanksgiving! we'll be spending it with my best friend and her family, who is basically our family, too! i am soooo looking forward to some baby cuddles with my god daughter :)

preparing for a turkey coma;

Friday, October 5, 2012

pretty pumpkin

today i was feeling a bit on the festive side, so.. i found some time to do my nails between clients today :) can you guess what im donning on my nails right now? (as if the title of the post didn't give it away lol) PUMPKINS! cute, glittery little pumpkin faces, matched with glittery black nails too. so cute! so festive! so fun! i dont think i've ever done Halloween nails - ev-urrr. so this is a first for me.

i did a base of gel polish in OPI's I Maine-ly Eat Shrimp on my ring fingers and thumbs, then INM's Devious on my other nails. I then mixed and applied GlamGirl Glitter in Orange and Black from the Metallic Collection into INM clear gel. i did two coats of the glitter to ensure a nice even look. cure for 45 sec. in an LED lamp or a full 2 min. cure in a UV lamp. seal with gel sealer. cure again (duh!) then i  lightly buff to remove the shine, stamp my little pumpkin faces using GlamGirl Stamping Plates, seal one more time and taaah-daaah! 

im going to hopefully be putting up my first nail video on youtube within the next few weeks. im trying to decide on what to film first... im also kind of nervous lol im open to any suggestions as to what i should do for my first video!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of my fellow Canadians!;

Thursday, October 4, 2012

a little of this, a little of that.

ive been stuck on what to blog about lately. so, my dearies.. today will be a day of 'this'n'that'. a day of mish-mashed nonsense to fill an entry. turn back now if you'd like, or join me in my shenanigans. you've been forewarned that the following may make no sense at all.. proceed if you will!

i did my first set of Halloween nails today - yippeeeee! they were pretty tame, compared to some that ive done in the past. care to take a peek?

please excuse the lack of cuticle oil - i completely forgot to apply some before taking the photo. this client is coming in for her next fill in November, so i wanted to give her something festive, but also something that is still wearable, and not overtly Halloween. I mixed 3 of our GlamGirl Nail Accessories: GlamGirl Glitters to create this fun and dimensional burnt orange - this colour screams 'fall' to me! Im a sucker for a nice fade, so are my clients. so, i faded the orange down her nail and inlaid some of our GlamGirl black netting to give the nails a 'scaly' or 'snakeskin' kind of feel. like i said, these are supposed to be Halloween-ish.

i fiiiiinally got to switch my friends nails from gel back to acrylic. you see, gel and i have a bit of a rocky relationship. when its good, its okay. and when its bad, its bad lol i feel like im a way stronger acrylic tech than gel - i can do both, but i really am an acrylic tech at heart. my dear, sweet friend has very small nail beds so we try to extend them a tad. she's also a sucker for my deep smile lines. hey, i aim to please! today she opted for a fun, sparkle nail bed and classic black french. We spiced it up even more by adding some sporadically placed black rhinestones. awesome.

after a very long and extremely busy day, my wonderful friend Dawn had Jev and i over for some homemade mac & cheese. after devouring my entire serving, we decided it was best to follow up the mac & cheese with some fro-yo from Qoola :) the best frozen yogurt place ev-uuurrrr. i had a small cup of red velvet yogurt with fresh strawberries, crumbled Oh Henry, and some cherries. mmm-mmm!

like all the little hearts? i downloaded this app for my phone called Bokeh so i can add those cute little hearts (there's also stars, hexagons and circles) to my pictures for a little extra somethin'-somethin'.

tomorrow: I'm off!! no work for this girl, so.. its another Jevie and me day! but tonight, tonight we shall plop our bodies in front of the tv, grab our BBQ crispy minis and indulge in season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. no spoilers, please! clients have already almost let a few details slip, but ive managed to dodge any spoilers up until this point .. lol.

bloggin' in my pj's;

Monday, October 1, 2012

happy birthday, jevie! - pt.2

yesterday was jevad's actual birthday. we slept in, then headed off for brunch with jev's sister and her boyfriend :) we dont get to see them often, so it was nice to spend some time with them, and catch up. *i had a shrimp benny with fruit salad. yum!*

we went out for dinner, too yesterday. Jevs parents took us to a restaurant called Spinnakers and its right on the water. it was later in the evening and because its fall, it was a little too dark to see the beautiful view.. but we knew it was there ;) dinner was fun, and very filling.

im kicking myself in the butt, now :( we took no pictures yesterday. not one. :( which makes this post, short, sweet, and to the point lol

spending time with the birthday boy;