Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer Loves

hello, lovelies! as promised, here is my Summer Favourites post. these are all of the things that i either used or wore day after day this summer. what were your staples this summer? anything that you couldn't live without?

this summer was all about stackable bracelets and rose studs for me. i love the versatility of stacking my own bracelets. i even got into making some of my own *click here for my DIY!* see the wrap bracelet in the bottom picture, upper left corner? i wear that almost every day. and as for the rose studs.. they seem to add such a girly, elegant, romantic element to any outfit i wear them with. i just love them!

i did a post of my makeup must-haves a few posts back, and my summer loves are pretty much the same. i really loved a soft, natural looking smoky eye this summer, so i reached for my NAKED 2 palette everyday. my new found love of BB creams is one that i don't think will fade for a very, very long time and it was p-e-r-f-e-c-t for summer: not too heavy, and just enough coverage for my liking. plus it completely hydrated my skin. 
my friend Dawn introduced me to Eminence skin care. all natural, and so concentrated. a little reaaaaalllyyyy goes a long way. im in love with their Sugar Plum Oil-Free Revitalizer and their Bearberry eye cream. the beauty of these creams is that even though they're super concentrated, they don't leave your skin feeling greasy and they blend so nicely.

the perfumes i usually go for are sweet and slightly floral - but usually more sweet. hand me anything vanilla, or something like 'Pink Sugar' and im all over it. which is why ive always loved Britney Spears perfume - especially the pink bottle *i cant remember the name*. this summer though, i've mostly worn my CK 'IN 2 U'. its sweet, slightly floral with a bit of citrus. its the epitome of a summer scent. i've also loved Victoria Secret's 'Sexy Little Things: NOIR' and Bath & Bodyworks 'Warm Vanilla Sugar'. my all time favorite perfume, ever?! Hugo Boss 'Deep Red'. delicious.

i lived in maxi dresses this summer.. actually, dresses in general. my two favorites are the ones in the pictures. the maxi is from Ricki's and the raspberry coloured one is from Old Navy. i love the fact that i could dress these up or down for work, or for a dinner out. i loved pairing any dress i wore with my denim jacket and those super cute gladiator sandals *both from Old Navy.. those sandals were only $5 and my boyfriend picked them out for me! score!!*

there it is, my Summer Loves! i'd love to see what your must-haves were this summer :)

looking forward to fall;

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