Sunday, September 23, 2012

peacock & polish

well, well, well! i finally decided what im going to be for Halloween! can you guess? yep! a peacock! i decided to make my own costume, and i started with my tutu!

i was inspired by the beautiful colours of the peacock feathers. the vibrant blues, greens, teals, purples, and hints of gold. there's something so elegant but fun about peacock feathers. i cannot wait to do my makeup, my hair.. ahhh!! im so excited!

top left: my tutu (before i added feathers!) that i made all by myself
top right: a close up of my beautiful feather
bottom left: a feather (and 4 more) that i glued to bobby pins for my hair
bottom right: my tutu after i added the feathers! i just have to add a few rhinestones and voila! my tutu is complete!

a close up of my tutu! im so excited to wear this! i can't wait until i see my whole costume all together. im really proud of how this turned out - ive even had a few people ask if i can make one for them :) 

finally, my new nails this week :) simple, but fun with the gold feature nail. this week im wearing gel polish in 'Thanks a Windmillion' by OPI. my gold feature nail is 'Florentine Gold' loose glitter by Martha Stuart mixed with clear INM gel :) 

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wondering what everyone is going to be for Halloween;

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