Sunday, September 2, 2012

our business turns 2!

oh my gosh!! 2 years ago today we opened our tiny little nail studio. today, we're in a bigger location and have 2 of our friends working with us. we now have a distribution out of our studio, too! i can't believe it has been two years already.

the past two years have been such an amazing learning experience. i feel like i've grown so much and really come into my own. i've pushed my boundaries and tested my limits (are those the same thing?) and i've learnt that i can handle a lot more than i could have ever imagined. i feel so overwhelmed with the love, support and loyalty that our clients have shown us, as well as our families. it's been such a privilege to be able to first of all, own a business (with my best friend!!), and second of all, watch something that you started from absolutely nothing grow and blossom into something so wonderful. Shabby Chic is still young, but there is so much potential and i'm really looking forward to seeing what our 3rd year has in store for us.

for anyone who reads this, i want to thank you. thank you to the ones who have stuck around when it hasn't been easy. thank you to the clients that have followed us from spa to salon and then to our studio(s). its because of an amazing clientele base and the love & support of my jevie, dad, mom, step-mom and the rest of my family and friends that i was able to have my dreams come true. 
Jevie: thank you for renovating not one, but two shops for us. thank you for making me laugh at the end of a hard day and listening to me ramble when i've needed to vent. thank you for believing in my dreams when others might not have. i am so lucky to have you in my life. i love you always xoxo 
♥ dad & france: even though we're miles apart, i can always feel your love. thank you for all of your wise words and great advice. thank you for believing in me.
mom: my first real client! thank you for suffering through sub-par nails and hours of sitting in one spot while i fussed *and sometimes cried* you've always believed in me :) thanks, mama!
Dawn: thank you for agreeing to take this wild ride with me. i know it hasn't always been a walk in the park, but it has always been worth it. there's no one else i'd rather be doing this with. here's to year #3! 

Happy Birthday, Shabby Chic 

looking forward to year 3;

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