Saturday, September 1, 2012

my makeup must-haves

i have another passion besides nails: makeup. ever since i've gone to nail school, i've wanted to branch out into makeup, too. maybe one day.. anyways! i wanted to share my staples that i reach for every morning. 


this is probably my favorite makeup palette, by any company, of all time. sounds a little dramatic, right? its the truth! i literally use this palette every time i put on makeup. the colours are so rich, and soooo pigmented. i've had this palette for probably around 8 months and i've barely made a dent in it. i've marked the ones i used all the time with cute little hearts (better than a boring ol' check mark, eh?) its so nice to be able to create my signature smoky eye with more neutral colours that are acceptable for work during the day, and then have the versatility of adding a little busted, snakebite or blackout to take my daytime look straight to night. also, the beautiful two-sided brush is uh-maze-iiiiing.

  • foxy & bootycall: i find i use these colours for my lid when creating a smoky eye and for my highlight under my brow. foxy is a beautiful, matte cream colour. bootycall is a gorgeous frosty cream perfect for the inner corner and brow highlight.
  • halfbaked: gorgeous gold! this colour is great for blending my lid colour with my crease colour when creating a smoky eye. i find it makes a flawless blend of the colours.
  • YDK: this colour is tricky to describe - but take my word for it.. its amazing. its kind of a rosy-gold-shimmery-neutral-raspberry.. does that make sense? lol


this was my first Urban Decay palette. i instantly fell in love with smog, polyester bride, and sin. ive been getting more brave with colour again after a loooooong hiatus *i used to wear swimming by MAC all over my lids when i was in highschool* and branched out this week and used last call as my crease and outer corner colour. i loved it! blended into sin and foxy & bootycall from the Naked 2 palette, last call was the perfect pop of colour.. and it looks beautiful when you smoke it out!

  • smog: gorgeous golden brown. perfect for your outer corner or crease, or even just a simple all over lid colour.
  • polyester bride: i sometimes mix polyester bride with my fav foxy & bootycall for a nice soft cream lid colour. this colour is kinda fun too 'cause it has tiny silver glitter in it!
  • sin: almost a champagne colour, with a hint of rose. great for blending!
  • last call: rich raspberry. surprisingly i had to build this colour up to get it the shade i wanted, but im not complaining. it makes this colour not so scary to use because you can build it up if you want it darker. this colour made my green eyes pop!

ive used this mascara since i started wearing makeup *my mum wears it, too!* this is the best drugstore mascara in my opinion. i love the size of the brush, and how plump and dark this makes my lashes. thanks to my dad, ive been blessed with naturally long lashes *thanks, dad!* but this mascara makes my lashes incredibly long. *my 2 favorite professional mascaras are: DIOR SHOW and Sephora's Atomic Lash*

i use this as my eye primer, too. its great for taking away the natural redness on my lids, and hiding the horrible bags under my eyes caused by my new-found obsession with Pinterest.

this is my favorite brow trio. its so convenient in its little pot with dark & light powder aaaaand! brow wax. i tend to use the taupe colour, never really the soft brown. my hair is a medium brown and they always say to use a shadow or pencil that is a couple shades lighter than your hair colour. the taupe is the perfect shade for me and the wax sets my brows for the whole day so i dont get crazy brows going on hahaha.

i know, i know, i know. probably the cheapest eyeliner money can buy, but i really like it. it goes on so smooth and the pigment is so rich. my clients have been asking me all week what i use for eyeliner. surprisingly ive had no problems with my liner smudging or transferring anywhere than where it should be. 

sucker for a smoky eye;

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