Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ♥

BB creams are all rave right now, so i thought i'd give one a whirl. i am a subscriber to a YouTube'r named Sophia (fashionista804) and she did an awesomely thorough review on a few BB creams: one being Maybeline's. im usually a little leery to steer too far away from what i usually use because my skin tends to be quite sensetive (i usually use MAC) but i was really pleased with what Sophia had to say. i took a trip to Walmart last night and picked up a tube of it to try today.. and i love it!

for those who dont know what a BB Cream (Beauty Bomb, Blemish Balm, Blemish Base.. ) is, it's an 8-in-1 skin perfecter that originated in Korea (?). i love this BB cream because it's everything you need, in one product:

  1. Blurs imperfections
  2. Brightens
  3. Evens skin-tone
  4. Smoothes
  5. Hydrates
  6. Enhances
  7. Protects with SPF 30
  8. Oil-Free
SPF 30?! yes please! evens skin-tone? dont mind if i do! it almost reminds me of a slightly more tinted moisturizer. which i guess it basically is, because it moisturizes (duh!) but it's also oil free! 

once i applied the cream, i applied my concealer and powder as i normally would. i loved the overall look i got from this product. my skin tone was a bit more even *not drastically, but i could notice a difference* and it honestly felt like i had nothing on my face.. and my skin looked nice and smooth. i loved the way it blended so easily into my skin, and it lasted all day long. even with my taking my mask on and off at work. i hate the feeling of foundation sometimes, because some of the ones i've used in the past tend to feel so heavy on my face.. almost like they're suffocating my skin, even though i only use minimal amounts. i didn't feel like that once, today. 

i found the coverage was just what i needed for daytime or while being at work, and once i applied a tiny bit of bronzer, blush and highlighter, my face had a beautiful fresh glow. i'd recommend this product to anyone. and at a price point of just under $9.00 CDN, this is a great 'drugstore brand'.

hope this helped!;

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