Monday, September 3, 2012

heaven on earth

here it is, my beauties. day 3 of the Photo-a-day challenge. i took this photo in early August. it was just after a very intense (but short) thunder storm. we were driving to dinner in Metchosin *kind of like the country side of where i live, about 15 mins outside of the city* and we came around this bend, we looked up and all you could see was the beautiful rays of sun just beaming through these huge, overpowering clouds. it was a beautiful moment.. it really did look like the heavens were shining down upon us. so beautiful... the calm after the storm.

Day 3: Far Away

can you believe i took this on my iPhone? im so proud :) hope everyone had an amazing long weekend. for those who are going back to school tomorrow, have a great first day! for those of us who are back to work tomorrow, have a great week :)

sending rays of sunshine your way;

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