Saturday, September 29, 2012

date day ♥

what a day yesterday! Thursday - my dads birthday *bonne fete, mon pere!! i love you and miss you more than you can ever imagine!* and also my hooky day from work. i went in and did my friend Ashley's nails then scooted home, woke Jev up, switched cars and then we were on our way downtown. the sun was shining and it was a beautiful September day here - so - what do you do when the weather is warm? go get ice cream! we went to Beacon Hill and had some lunch and then some yummy ice cream :) *i had cotton candy flavor!*

our day in photos 

we spent the day together. thats all that ever matters to me. we can have fun doing anything together. so, we did just that. we indulged in some good ol' greasy food, had some yummy ice cream and then took a drive along beautiful Dallas road *Dallas road runs right along the ocean.. its so beautiful.* then parked and ate our ice cream cones where the cruise ship was docked. oh, and jevad ever-so-kindly picked me those flowers from the restaurants garden. thanks, bub. haha.

jevad did manage to drag me into a hobby store that he loves. this photo captures so much emotion. lol
me: not so happy to be in a 'boy' store
jev: soooo thankful to not be looking at makeup, nail products or girl shoes lol
*i told him to smile reaaaallllyyyy big! hehehe*

on to the beauty-bit..
yes, those are my natural lashes. all mine baby, alllll mine! hehehe
finally. finally. finally! i used black for my smoky eye. i've been petrified to use pure black for a smoky eye but i decided to pull out my big girl brush and load it up with Blackout from my fav Urban Decay palette. my biggest tip when using black eyeshadow? slow & steady. i began by packing the shadow on an angle from the outer 3rd of my eye, gradually moving upwards to my brow. after packing the shadow on gradually, i then began to smoke it out. i followed the diagonal line and lightly 'pulled' the shade towards my crease. i was so proud of how this turned out lol ... is that lame? haha

♥ lenseflare! the natural sunlight made those gorgeous rays of light.. love, love, love it!

tomorrow night: dinner with dawn and dan for jevad's birthday! his birthday is on sunday, but we're celebrating tomorrow night with dawn and dan :) can't wait! yummy food, great company and the cutest birthday boy in the entire world! 

so. want to know why i didnt post all of this yesterday? because i erased my whole layout. all of it. gone. G-O-N-E. i was so frustrated, frantically trying to fix everything before pulling my hair out last night, but i was clearly unsuccessful as some of you may have seen. so i managed to tackle it tonight and quickly write this post. that'll teach me for trying to 'fix' things on my blog that aren't even broken. sheesh.

patching up my relationship with technology;

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