Monday, September 10, 2012

Betsey Johnson inspired DIY

i've been in this phase lately where i feel like crafting all. the. time. i saw this style of bracelet while mindlessly exploring the internet and wanted to recreate some for myself :) i always want to buy stretchy bracelets from the stores that i shop at but i feel like they make them so darn small! i like my bracelets a little on the loose side.. so! thats how i made my own Betsey Johnson inspired half pearl/half chain bracelet :)

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what you'll need:
  • beads or pearls of your choice *i got mine at Michaels Crafts for $1 per strand*
  • a spool of .5mm clear stretch cord 
  • metal chain of your choice *i forgot to show it in the picture, but i also used some darker silver chain from an old necklace as well :)*
  • connectors *mine are the 3 pack of roses* - these are optional
  • wire cutters
  • tape
  • patience *hahaha, i had to re-do this bracelet twice because i broke it while trying to tie the finishing knot :( *

 got all of your supplies? lets get started!

step one:
start off by wrapping the cord around the widest part of your hand twice. this will allow for extra cord on either ends when it comes time to tie your finishing knots :)
i didn't measure my wrist or lengths exactly, but i made sure i gave myself some extra length to work with. the clear stretch cord wasn't expensive to purchase so i was okay with using a bit more than needed.

step two:
take the cord that you have measured and tape it to your work surface - this will help keep your beads from falling off while you're beading. since i like my bracelets more on the loose side, i applied 4 beads of each size (8 all together) and then added my rose connector (see next step)

step three:
thread on your fancy-dancy connector *if you choose to!* 

 step four:
 after you've threaded on your connector, add 8 more beads on the other side to 
finish the pearl side of your bracelet.
remember - i like my bracelets a bit more loose, you'll have to add or remove beads to make your bracelet fit right for you :)

step five:
chain time! i measured the first piece of chain to be roughly half the width of my wrist. i then laid the rest of my chain underneath the first piece that i cut and made each chain a little longer than the last.

step six:
 make sure to tie off the cord on either side of your beads before you add your chains.
thread your three lengths of chain onto one side of your bracelet, then loop the end of the cord through the three chains again and tie a knot. your one side of chains should be nice and secure, now :)

step seven:
 slide the other side of your chains onto the other side of your bracelet.

step eight:
 tie the other side of the chains in place. it helps if you try to hold the cord as taut as possible *without breaking the cord, like i did!* while tying your finishing knot. trim off any excess cord.

here it is! your super cute Betsey Johnson inspired chain bracelet. i also made a mixed pearl and bead bracelet to wear either with my chain bracelet or on its own :) i can't wait to make more! the next one i make i'm going to add some charms to the chains. 

if anyone else makes these, i'd love to see pictures! happy crafting!
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