Thursday, September 6, 2012

all about nails

hello, beauties. another fun day at work today with the girls.. although i had not one, but two NEW clients no-show. grrrr. anyways - i did a beautifully sparkly fill today using GlamGirl Glitters & Feathers :)
my client wanted purple & gold with feathers. so, i did a gold-to-purple fade and feathers on every other finger :) these just look so elegant to me.
i did my nails yesterday with gel polish: all grey with sparkly ring fingers & thumbs then stamped heart polkadots on the remaining 3 fingers -but- i didnt like the stamps so i switched them up a bit today:
OPI GelColor in Alpine Snow, I Have a Herring Problem and INM Gelavish in Devious. the ring fingers and thumbs have one coat of I Have a Herring Problem then i brushed two thin coats of a custom mixed silver sparkle gel over top, applied two thin coats of OPI GelColor Top Coat and cured for 1 minute in our LED Lamp *it only calls for a 30 second cure, but i always like to do a double cure on the last cure :)*
so, with the launch of our GlamGirl line, we focused solely on Glitters, Inlays, Stamping, and Decals. our glitters are so incredibly sparkly and reflective that we thought.. why not make our loose glitters into beautifully shiny nail polishes?! SO! hopefully by Christmas time, GlamGirl Nail Accessories will have a line of GlamGirl Glitter Polish :) we did a test run the other day and were really happy with how it turned out :)

did i mention? tomorrow's friiiiidddaaaayyy!!

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