Thursday, September 20, 2012

a reason, a season or a lifetime.

wow. i haven't written in a few days - i miss blogging. to make a long story short (and not get too personal) there has been a lot of stuff happening in my life right now. some things have been great, some, not so much.. but i've been really pre-occupied and honestly ive had no inspiration for different posts :( sorry..

in the past few weeks, ive come to realize that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. wether they are only meant to be part of your life for a short period of time, or for the rest of your life.. they're there for a reason. for a purpose. ive been blessed with great friends in my life, but there are a few that are more than that. they're family. they love me at my best, and even at my worst. they support my dreams, and are always ready to catch me when i fall. they know my deepest, darkest secrets and never judge. they're always there. Jevads friend said it best the other day:

"family has nothing to do with blood. it's about who cares about you and who you care about."

so true. ive been so lucky to be able to have the same best friend for the past 20 years. ive come to call her parents Mom and Dad #2, her nieces call me Aunty and there's always room for Jevad and i at the dinner table - any night of the week. thank you, for everything. my other best friend is pretty wonderful, too. she's also been right by my side through some trying times. she's always willing to listen, to lend a shoulder to cry on. and of course there's the love of my life. we were faced with some extremely hard obstacles at the beginning of our relationship, but he stuck around. through it all. thick and thin. he has been my rock, my safe place. im looking forward to spending the rest of my life with such an amazing man. im forever grateful for being so blessed. i dont know what ive done to have such influential and supportive people surrounding me. i love you. you are part of my family.

sometimes family doesn't see eye to eye. blood isn't always thicker than water. jevads friend is right, sometimes it has nothing to do with blood. its about the people in your life that consistently care about you, and you care about them. im lucky enough to have a family consisting of both 'family-family' and 'friend-family' but really, why differentiate the two. family is family. 

i know this post was a bit 'heavy'. not the normal beauty-blabber.. sorry. this is my outlet, this is where i can write whatever is stewing in my head. i promise, ill be back to the up-beat stuff tomorrow.

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