Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a little of this, a little of that

hello, beauties. today's post is a random mash of randomness. i slacked on the Photo-a-day challenge today because it was something that i didnt know how to make interesting: day 4: whats in your mailbox. what the heck. how can i make a picture of that interesting!? aaaaaaaannnnnyyyyways.. i signed on to facebook tonight and saw that someone had posted pictures of some pieces of jewelry she had bought online. i went to the site and i've fallen in love! if you love accessories from Forever 21, H&M and Aldo, you'll love this site. most pieces are between $1 - $6(ish) and they offer free shipping for orders over $15 :) they're some really cute pieces that would pair perfectly with some of my winter sweaters.. hmmm, this could be a dangerous find. curious? take a peek for yourself!:

the past few days have been... interesting. luckily, we got to see my bestfriend and our niece tonight. me, jevie, bestie and niecey had a little Walmart therapy (i can't wait until we get Target!!!!) and jevie and i got to end our night with baby cuddles, and even got to tuck that beautiful little girl into bed. shes only 9 weeks old.. its been so amazing to watch how much she changes from week to week :)

necklaces and bracelets and rings, oh my!
(and a few baby cuddles, too!);

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