Tuesday, August 21, 2012


ugh. i dont know whats with me today but i feel completely uninspired. ive been trying so hard to write a post everyday but for some reason today i felt like i had nothing much to say. so, why not post about my un-inspiration?

maybe its a mixture of a few things. i have daily stresses from co-owning 2 businesses. i find myself missing my Gampy (grandpa) lately, who passed over 10 years ago. i'm missing my dad, step-mom and family in Quebec terribly. i'm just feeling a bit down. my heart feels sad tonight, and i can't pin point why.. but i hate it. my Gampy was and is still a huge part of my life.. i guess with Jevad and I talking about babies and marriage, it got me thinking. he wont be here to see any of this. neither will my dad's dad, my Grandpapa. i miss my dad so much, its too hard being so far away from my family in Quebec. seeing them 10 days out of 365 just doesn't suffice. ive grown so close to my dad now that im older. we have so much more to talk about and relate to. my heart feels so sad..

my sudden case of un-inspiration has me a bit irked, too. i went from crafty-pants to lazy susan in 60 seconds flat. whats up with that?! i better run into my artistic side between now and bedtime, cause i've got nails to do tomorrow!

i know my little piece of the blogger-verse is new, and small.. very small. this is like my little baby, right now. im trying hard to keep posting day after day because i have a tendency to start projects and then throw them to the wayside. i'm not one to have much patience when it comes to some things, im trying to get my blog out there somehow, but i don't know how. does that make sense? do i start a facebook page? or do i wait, considering i only have 2 followers. hrrrumph :( i know, i know, i know. i can't expect this to just take off over night. but i'm going to keep working at it. i promise my next post won't be so glum.

searching for inspiration;
-tasha xo

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