Monday, August 20, 2012

put on your crafty pants!

i made the cutest little wall art today and decided i'd do a DIY step-by-step incase anyone else would like to recreate it :) i saw the idea on Pinterest and i had to give it a go for myself. here is my final result:

it started with a kiss
N + J

the original idea i saw was solid white, but our bedroom *where this will hang* is all cream, browns and beiges *and zebra print!*. i wanted colours that would complement what colours our bedroom already has so i chose to do a more distressed, cream and beige palette. 

here's what you'll need:
  • canvas *i got a 3 pack at Walmart for $5*
  • package of scrapbooking letters *i chose black so they'd stand out*
  • acrylic paints *any colour you would like*
  • foam paint brushes
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • black ribbon

1. start off with a fresh, clean canvas.

2. arrange with letters the way you'd like them. these ones aren't sticky on the back so i was able to slide them around. i wanted mine to look weathered and homemade so i mixed uppercase and lowercase letters and i made the lines straight but not perfect :)

3. get your glue gun ready! glue your letters in place.. careful! i burnt my finger a few times. make sure there are no 'spider webs' from the glue.. those will show up when you paint over everything.
*who loves my pink glue gun!?*

4. prep your paints. i used a comb of white and beige and washed it over the whole canvas. 
*you'll notice in the last photo, the paint is a bit darker. i took a fan brush and dipped it in water then lightly and (quickly!) brushed some black paint over different spots*

5. this is what your wall art should look like at this point. let it dry then hot glue the black ribbon to the back of the canvas. then grab the ribbon in the middle making a loop at the top *make sure the loop is centred, otherwise your art will hang crooked!*, apply a dab of glue at the base of the loop and glue both sides together. tie a bow where the loop has been glued to hide any glue remnants and to give it a girly finish, of course!

6. ta-daaaaa! here's my finished product. im excited to do more of these for the rest of the house, with different things on them. so inexpensive and so fun to make :)

Happy Crafting!
-tasha xo

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