Sunday, August 12, 2012


what an awesome day. i truly do have the best friends anyone could ask for. i cant lie, i honestly haven't been all that excited for my birthday for some reason this year, but Dawn and Megen completely made my day today.

I woke up, dragged my butt out of bed and got ready for work. i was ready early -for once- so i was going to leave early. Jevad was acting funny and was texting someone (dawn) and was being sneaky about it. i told him i was ready to leave at around 9:20 and he shot up out of bed and insisted on driving me to work. i had a feeling something was up but i didnt know what. so, we hopped into his car, stopped and got gas and then we were off to the shop. he even revved his engine extra when he backed into a parking spot in front of the shop. barely even awake, i sauntered into the shop to hear Jevie, Dawn, Megs and their clients all yell "Happy Birthday!"

- i just got a very pleasant interruption by Jevie for a hug and a kiss.
its Midnight and its now officially my birthday! -

i was so surprised! those girls are just way too sweet. my desk was surrounded by Justin Bieber balloons and badges with his face were hanging from my lamp. there was also a pink feather boa and pink Hello Kitty tiara waiting for me. and you better believe i wore that tiara all day hahaha. they even made me, Jev and all the clients for the day goodie bags! they even got me a cake! they seriously made my day. its things like this that mean so much to me. i'll always remember today. always. thanks again, girls. sooooo so much. i love you!
my day in pictures :)

Dawn and her husband took me and Jev out for dinner tonight for my birthday to one of my favorite places: Cafe Mexico. the best Mexican food in town... and the best mango margaritas, too! Two pitchers of margaritas, a delish cheese quesadilla and deep fried ice cream for dessert - yummy! i had such a great day. the sun was shinning, we spent the whole day laughing at work, and i was surrounded with love all day. i am so lucky.

i cant wait for tomorrow :)

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