Thursday, August 23, 2012

playing hooky

what a lovely thursday. actually, what an amazing day: playing hooky from work *not really, but i like to sound rebellious every now and then!* and getting to have the whole day with my jevie. in the middle of the week, too! we slept in, had some lunch, ran off to an appointment and then spent the afternoon at the mall and then went for dinner together. today was just what i needed :)

while lookie-looing around the mall, i found the mecca of Hello Kitty! well, maybe not the mecca, but certainly enough Hello Kitty swag for me to stop dead in my tracks. take a looksie:

how cute is that purse?! 
i instantly fell in love with this toque. i need it. badly. lol

after stopping and oohing & ahhhing over all the HK stuff, i stopped at my new-ish favorite-ish store for some accessories: Ardene's. a lot of their stuff is clearly for tweens, i happen to find some age appropriate stuff in there from time to time lol. they have a lot of cute, in expensive earrings and sandals that i really like. lately ive been really into stud earrings, particularly rose or flower studs. i saw these 3-packs of rose studs and scooped those up, as well as the ball studs in the back with black crystals and that cute little shambahla style bracelet. cute cute cute.

even our kitty, Mya appreciates some cute accessories hehehe

 and this, this beautiful leopard print covered iphone case was also one of my purchases of the day. i can't get enough leopard print. ever.

well, back to work tomorrow. tomorrow night we're going to dawns to help decorate cakeballs and cupcakes for megen's daughters birthday on saturday :) i may have to taste test some of the goodies before they make it to the party on saturday ;)

here's to playing hooky!;

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