Friday, August 17, 2012

nail hate?

okay, okay, okay. my facebook news feed has been blowing up tonight for some odd reason and its alllllll about duck feet nails. for those who are unfamiliar with this trend, here's a little taste:
Nails by Allison Nicole

now before someone has a hairy-canary on me, let me just say this: some of the art work that these techs are doing on these super-flared-and-flamboyant nails is actually quite beautiful. i've seen some hand painted art on some duck feet sets that id love to have on my own nails. another plus is the workspace.. do you see the flare on those puppies?! the shape gives so much potential for some great custom art. with that being said,  and i hope ive buttered you duck feet darlings up enough to say this, i'm not partial to this shape. they go against everything that i was taught in nail school, in fact, a majority of us have worked our butts off to create nails that look nothing like this. 

this is how i was taught in school. i did these 2 sets below. this is my idea of 'beautiful' nails.

now, lets not all get our nail-knickers in a knot here. im not bashing anyones work, but when i think of a 'beautiful' set of nails, i think about a nice, consistent c-curve with straight sidewalls and the perfect apex. but this right here, is the beauty of the beauty industry: diversity. these girls that are rockin' the uber flare have perfected what their idea of a 'beautiful' nail is.. you go, girls! 

i know in my area, our 'style' if you will, tends to be the sleek, straight sidewalls and crisp clean lines.. not a lot of flare around these parts. so.. is this a trend that will be fast to fade or stick around for a while? only the nail gods know, and they ain't tellin'!

dealing with the duck-feet dilemma:
-tasha xo

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  1. Happy almost birthday, beautiful! I cracked up at the "duck nails"- seriously is that what people call them?!? That's crazy because nails couldn't even naturally grow in that shape! Ha ha ha huge hugs and love and ear lots of cake for me!!!


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