Monday, August 27, 2012

my NAILS Magazine nail

what the frick?! i forgot to post about this! i was just emailing some pictures off and i stumbled upon it. This, my darlings, this is the nail i did for NAILS Magazine's Mother's Day feature :) the editor of the magazine emailed me and asked me if i would be interested. it was hard not to reply a big ol' HECK YA!! in size 60 font.. lol the deal was, we had to create a nail that reminded us of our moms. so this is what i did. i did a nail with everything girly. from the leopard print purse (because i inherited my purse obsession from my mama.. yeah, i got it from my mama) to the charm bracelet on the smile line and the lacey bit at the tip. so cute.. well, at least i think so! 

i was like a kid on christmas morning when my (4) magazine(s) arrived at the salon. i opened 'er up and BLAMO! there i was! front and center with my picture of me and mama, the picture of the nail, and a little blurb describing why i did what i did :) that was definitely one of the highlights of my career so far. now, i wasnt the only one who was part of this feature, but hey! my name and work are in a published magazine! im still over the moon!

dreams come true;

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