Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my go-to-guru's

i have quite the love affair with youtube. i can spend hours upon mindless hours watching video after video but, i do have my favs! ive turned to these guru's videos time and time again for makeup tips, DIY's, and even when ive needed a laugh (or two.. or ten!)

my absolute fav of all time everrrrr is Kandee Johnson. She just seems to have so much fun making her videos and it totally shows. The everyday makeup looks she creates in her videos are easy to follow because she walks you through everything step-by-step. her youtube channel isn't just about makeup, she does quite a few DIY's which, regardless if i actually make anything, are fun to watch. She just somehow makes you feel like you're just hanging out with a friend, talking about this-n-that, havin' a good ol' time :)
this was a video that Kandee did for the 4th of July and it has to be her funniest video ever!

Jarmaine, Jarmaine, Jarmaine.. girl you make me laugh! Yet another youtube guru that doesn't take things too seriously and pokes fun -constantly- at everything. its hard not to laugh out loud sometimes while im watching her videos and Jev is sitting beside me watching tv. She covers everything from fitness to makeup to DIY's. her videos tend to be short, sweet and to the point :)
i like the fact that she doesnt aaaallllwwaaayyysssss use high-end makeup. in this video she shows us how to create a beautiful smokey eye by using makeup that we can purchase in the drugstore. you go, girl!

Sophia is a professional makeup artist (so is Kandee Johnson) and she is always coming up with fun, colorful, perfect-for-a-party looks that she also walks you through with her voiceovers while she is applying in her video. she has the same light, fun hearted kinda videos as Kandee and Jarmaine and i think thats why im so drawn to their videos. 
this look is just so pretty! its her "party eyes" tutorial. take a minute to look through some of her other videos. she is soooo not afraid to use color! one day, ill be as brave! lol

happy youtube-ing! 
-tasha xo

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