Tuesday, August 21, 2012


thank goodness! i feel like im somewhat back to normal today! plus, it felt like fall was in the air here tonight and i'm so thankful! lol i can't take much more of the crazy heat we've been having. i'm so ready for cute boots, sweaters and skinny jeans.

 I did my nails and they look super-dee-duperly cute if i do say so myself :) they're pretty simple (for me, anyways..) but im loving them!

my nails have seen better days lately, and its my own fault for constantly taking them on and off alllll the time. tsk tsk tsk. so! today i just applied a thin layer of acrylic right over my natural nails, i didnt extend them or anything. then i applied OPI's Gelcolour in 'A Grape Fit!' - im seriously loving this colour lately, i've even got it on my tootsies! also, can we please talk about how faaaaaabulous my pure sparkle ring finger is?! which, might i point out, matches the gel polish colour p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y!

for anyone who read my 'summer hair savers' post, this is my favorite fishtail braid that ive been wearing all summer long. i wore it today so i thought i'd snap a quick picture and throw it into todays random blabbering blog post.

we went for dinner with dawn and dan tonight at mychosen cafe. it was delicious as always :)
look at our yummy desserts! 
jev & dawns monstrous brownie sundae! yum!
i asked for 2 scoops and got 4 lol banana-fudge ice cream. not as good as cotton candy ;) 
tomorrow, im doing dawns nails! im going to do a picture step-by-step and post it tomorrow night :) they're simple nails, but they look so neat! 

coming down from my sugar rush;
-tasha xo

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