Monday, August 27, 2012

GlamGirl Nail Accessories

okay. so for anyone who has seen my blog, i have a page up at the top labeled GlamGirl Nail Accessories. I've even mentioned in my little 'blurb' about me on the side that i co-own a nail studio and a product line. what is that? you ask? Well darlings, that is the product line that my business partner and i just launched. GlamGirl Nail Accessories is a nail art line that can be used with acrylic & gel nails (and our GlamGirl Glitters can be added do clear nail polish, too!)

i'm not one to put myself out there usually when it comes to my business, i get quite shy. but i'm really proud of our product line and although it's still new and still coming into its own, i know it has a lot of potential. GlamGirl mainly consists of our GlamGirl Glitters as well as a vast variety of inlays, stamping plates and decals.

here are some samples of the first 4 collections of GlamGirl Glitters that we have released! these glitters are so reflective and fun. they're great to mix with other glitters to enhance colours of give that extra pop of 'glam'. we have 4 more collections to be launched this fall and we're really excited. 

these are a set of nails ive recently done using 2 NEW GlamGirl Glitters that will be launched this fall! *and of course some of our awesome feathers!* i just love how much dimension these glitters have because they are mixed with fine, medium and large glitter! 

check us out on Facebook: GlamGirl Nail Accessories

i've got glitter in my veins ;

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