Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'fading' dot nails - step-by-step

dawn and i saw this nail idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love. so i recreated it for her on her nails today and did a simple (very simple) step-by-step. the original nails were done using polish, but since we do nails for a living, normal nail polish wouldn't make it through one day. so! we used Gel Polish by OPI. i'll list the colours of the gel polish below, but if you're using regular polish, any Black, Grey and White will do :)

what you'll need:
- base coat & top coat 
(you'll need these for both gel or polish applications)
- black, grey & white nail polish or gel polish
- black & white acrylic paint
- dotting tool

1. prep the natural nail as you normally would before applying an enhancement or nail polish. apply your nail polish or gel polish in this sequence: black - grey - white.
apply gel/regular polish & top coat.

2. *if you choose to do regular polish - skip this step*
once gel is completely cured, lightly buff the surface of the nails to remove the shine.

3. start dotting! start at the free edge of the nail making sure the dots are nicely concentrated and close together.

4. start to work your way towards the cuticle, making the dots more sparse to give them the 'fading' look.
be sure to use white acrylic paint on the black nails and black acrylic paint on the white & grey nails :)
*TIP: using silver paint on the black would look super cute, too!*

5. once the acrylic paint has had time to dry, go ahead and apply your topcoat/sealer.
apply cuticle oil, and enjoy!

i love love love the look of these nails - i can't wait to do them in different colours!

sweet dreams;
-tasha xo

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