Thursday, August 16, 2012

date night

well, another day of this crazy heat wave. 32 celsius with the humidity. its still around 21 and its almost 11pm. sheesh. i managed to scoot out of work early today, so what better way to spend a smouldering hot day than mexican food at Cafe Mexico with my love, a pit stop at the breakwater and a pineapple sundae to top it all off :)

Cafe Mexico :) we could probably eat here everyday and never get sick of it!

i love living on an island. the mountains, the ocean, everything. this was the view from infront of our car. we had to go down there to try and cool off with the ocean breeze. man, was it ever hot today. oh! see that little thing on the left in the picture? that was one of the cruise ships leaving Ogden point!

Ogden point, where alllll the cruise ships dock. we try to go down there during the summer because some of the cruise ships are unbelievable. we always joke about how we should jump the fence and try and sneak on board, or climb the ropes and hide until they set sail again. one day we'll get brave enough, one day! hehehe!

i did these nails today with 2 new glitters coming in the new GlamGirl Glitter collections that will be released soon *so excited!* im loving how vibrant the colours are. im so proud of our products..
when we release these glitter collections, im thinking we should have a 'name the color' contest. maybe even give away one of the collections or a gift card for GlamGirl Nail Accessories. i want so badly for our line to take off, i know its going to take some time. we're new, success doesn't always happen over night. but im impatient... lol do you do gels or acrylics? love nail art? take a second to check out our facebook page and website:

-Our official website is PayPal enabled! Not in Victoria? No worries! We ship Canada-Wide!-

wishing you love, joy and glitter-galore..
-tasha xo

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