Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday Girl!

thats right! its. my. BIRTHDAY!! well, technically now its all over but i enjoyed every minute of my birthday weekend :) we stopped by my moms house for a visit and said hi to nanny, too. my mom gave me a beautiful card and i know she put a lot of thought into picking it out. 

After a quick trip out to Sooke to take a peek at a house that Dawn and her husband are wanting to buy, we came home and hopped on to skype to talk with my dad and stepmom. they seriously have to be two of the sweetest people. when the video call connected, they had a plate with two small cakes with two candles lit and they started to sing happy birthday! so, i counted to 3 and then 'blew' out my candles (dad helped blow them out for me on their side hehe) its little things like that, that mean the world to me. thanks so much dad & france 

all ready for dinner!
So,  after our skype date with my parents, we got all dressed up and went for dinner. Jevie spoiled me  rotten yet again. i've been drooling over the Hello Kitty 5 piece brush kit from Sephora ever since it came out. guess what I got?! the Hello Kitty 5 piece brush set, Hello Kitty nail decals and some other stuff! he even wrote me the sweetest card that made me tear up. -sigh- im one lucky lady ♥ we had an absolutely delicious dinner at Moxies and had a really nice night together. he didnt even fuss when i made him take picutres with me on the sidewalk while people walked by hahaha what an amazing man 

my birthday in pictures 

i also got showered with birthday wishes and kind words on facebook from the time i woke up until now. this was such a great birthday :) goodbye 23, its been great. hello 24, i have a feeling youre going to be an amazing year. xo

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