Thursday, August 9, 2012

birthday blues

well, we've been home for a week tomorrow. -sigh- i can't believe it. we miss all of our family back there so much.


my birthday is on Sunday and it seems the older i get, the less excited i get. im turning 24, im not saying im old or anything by any means, but i've noticed that sadly, birthdays dont have the same excitement as when i was 5. no more goodie bags, no more party hats. im just plain ol' getting old! everyone keeps asking me what the big plans are this year and frankly, there are none. i'm looking forward to spending the day with my jevie. maybe we'll drive up island, maybe we'll just stay home. i'll decide on sunday. who knows, maybe i wont even want to get out of my pjs on my birthday! hehehe but guess what? it'll be my birthday. i can do what I want to do.

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