Thursday, August 30, 2012

get those creative juices flowin'

ever been in one of those moods where your brain is just bursting to be creative? my brain has been like that for the past month. i've felt the uncontrollable urge to craft up a storm, try new techniques on my clients nails and now i'm wanting to (and researching) how to make a certain beauty product. like my own little brand. its like my brain is just craving creativity.. and thats not a bad thing :)
i did these sparkly beauties on a great client of mine today :) we've been doing this style on her for the past few fills, but i felt like i should take a picture of them today. these nails are using our GlamGirl Glitters :) aren't they fabulous?!

conjuring up my next creative adventure;

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello, Nail Diva!

i've been trying to network lately with the lovely ladies of the beauty blog-verse and stumbled upon Megan (aka Diva Pirate and instantly fell in-like with her blog. she spends 6 months out of the year sailing the seas and spends the rest of her time on land as an esthetician. her specialty: nails :) ahhhhh, another person that speaks my language hahaha.

After reading some of her entries, i noticed that she features a 'Nail Diva' every so often in one of her posts. kind of like a guest post, you could say. so, i contacted her. she quickly replied and asked me how i got started, what my favorite products are and asked me to send some pictures. so, i did :) she put the post up this morning and i was so excited to read it.

just as crazy about nails as i am? click on over to Megans blog and ready her daily posts about everything beauty :) thanks again, Megan for this great opportunity!

oh my gosh!! I almost forgot!!! WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE HERE TODAY!! 3.1 on the richter scale :( not huge, but big enough to make noise and make things shake. -sigh- thats what we get for living on an island!


oh, look out for a step-by-step soon, too!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lovely leopard

this is what i got up to today :) a beautiful chunky gold fade with our GlamGirl leopard print stamp over top. i love me some leopard print!

Monday, August 27, 2012

my NAILS Magazine nail

what the frick?! i forgot to post about this! i was just emailing some pictures off and i stumbled upon it. This, my darlings, this is the nail i did for NAILS Magazine's Mother's Day feature :) the editor of the magazine emailed me and asked me if i would be interested. it was hard not to reply a big ol' HECK YA!! in size 60 font.. lol the deal was, we had to create a nail that reminded us of our moms. so this is what i did. i did a nail with everything girly. from the leopard print purse (because i inherited my purse obsession from my mama.. yeah, i got it from my mama) to the charm bracelet on the smile line and the lacey bit at the tip. so cute.. well, at least i think so! 

i was like a kid on christmas morning when my (4) magazine(s) arrived at the salon. i opened 'er up and BLAMO! there i was! front and center with my picture of me and mama, the picture of the nail, and a little blurb describing why i did what i did :) that was definitely one of the highlights of my career so far. now, i wasnt the only one who was part of this feature, but hey! my name and work are in a published magazine! im still over the moon!

dreams come true;

GlamGirl Nail Accessories

okay. so for anyone who has seen my blog, i have a page up at the top labeled GlamGirl Nail Accessories. I've even mentioned in my little 'blurb' about me on the side that i co-own a nail studio and a product line. what is that? you ask? Well darlings, that is the product line that my business partner and i just launched. GlamGirl Nail Accessories is a nail art line that can be used with acrylic & gel nails (and our GlamGirl Glitters can be added do clear nail polish, too!)

i'm not one to put myself out there usually when it comes to my business, i get quite shy. but i'm really proud of our product line and although it's still new and still coming into its own, i know it has a lot of potential. GlamGirl mainly consists of our GlamGirl Glitters as well as a vast variety of inlays, stamping plates and decals.

here are some samples of the first 4 collections of GlamGirl Glitters that we have released! these glitters are so reflective and fun. they're great to mix with other glitters to enhance colours of give that extra pop of 'glam'. we have 4 more collections to be launched this fall and we're really excited. 

these are a set of nails ive recently done using 2 NEW GlamGirl Glitters that will be launched this fall! *and of course some of our awesome feathers!* i just love how much dimension these glitters have because they are mixed with fine, medium and large glitter! 

check us out on Facebook: GlamGirl Nail Accessories

i've got glitter in my veins ;

Sunday, August 26, 2012

facebook page

it may still be too early to start a facebook page, but hey, i guess it wouldn't hurt, right? its not too exciting right now.. but it has potential! haha

hop on over to facebook, and fall in 'like' with me?

photobooth fun

today was megen's daughters birthday party :) today is also my FRIDAAAAYYY!!! we had such a fun time at meg's house :) the party was a carnival-esque theme. zebra print streamers and pink balloons everywhere. they had even set up a corner in the backyard with a huge black photo frame and props to put on and take pictures with. here's me and jevie:

a pirate and a bandit! hehehe there were so many awesome (and funny!) pictures of everyone. what a great way to spend a saturday :)

next weekend is september long! we're going camping with megen and her family and a bunch of their friends, too. we havent been camping in years. im so excited!

all partied out;

Friday, August 24, 2012

bandana nails

tgif. well, considering tomorrow is technically my friday lets say: tgts - thank god tomorrow's saturday! a nice short day at work and then we're off to a bbq :) soaking up the last bit of summer, but i can't lie.. im really looking forward to boots, sweaters, and snow!

i had an old client come back today after having her nails off for a little bit :) she brought in a picture from another local tech and wanted nails based off of it, so here's what we got up to:

dont they look like bandanas?! so neat! we did sparkly white acrylic as her base and then stamped the pink bandana design using a Konad stamping plate. im really happy with how they turned out, and i've already had another client request these in different colours. yay! im wanting to start recording tutorials for youtube and some more photo step-by-steps for here, too. hopefully one day i get around to it lol

looking forward to my friday;

Thursday, August 23, 2012

playing hooky

what a lovely thursday. actually, what an amazing day: playing hooky from work *not really, but i like to sound rebellious every now and then!* and getting to have the whole day with my jevie. in the middle of the week, too! we slept in, had some lunch, ran off to an appointment and then spent the afternoon at the mall and then went for dinner together. today was just what i needed :)

while lookie-looing around the mall, i found the mecca of Hello Kitty! well, maybe not the mecca, but certainly enough Hello Kitty swag for me to stop dead in my tracks. take a looksie:

how cute is that purse?! 
i instantly fell in love with this toque. i need it. badly. lol

after stopping and oohing & ahhhing over all the HK stuff, i stopped at my new-ish favorite-ish store for some accessories: Ardene's. a lot of their stuff is clearly for tweens, i happen to find some age appropriate stuff in there from time to time lol. they have a lot of cute, in expensive earrings and sandals that i really like. lately ive been really into stud earrings, particularly rose or flower studs. i saw these 3-packs of rose studs and scooped those up, as well as the ball studs in the back with black crystals and that cute little shambahla style bracelet. cute cute cute.

even our kitty, Mya appreciates some cute accessories hehehe

 and this, this beautiful leopard print covered iphone case was also one of my purchases of the day. i can't get enough leopard print. ever.

well, back to work tomorrow. tomorrow night we're going to dawns to help decorate cakeballs and cupcakes for megen's daughters birthday on saturday :) i may have to taste test some of the goodies before they make it to the party on saturday ;)

here's to playing hooky!;

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'fading' dot nails - step-by-step

dawn and i saw this nail idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love. so i recreated it for her on her nails today and did a simple (very simple) step-by-step. the original nails were done using polish, but since we do nails for a living, normal nail polish wouldn't make it through one day. so! we used Gel Polish by OPI. i'll list the colours of the gel polish below, but if you're using regular polish, any Black, Grey and White will do :)

what you'll need:
- base coat & top coat 
(you'll need these for both gel or polish applications)
- black, grey & white nail polish or gel polish
- black & white acrylic paint
- dotting tool

1. prep the natural nail as you normally would before applying an enhancement or nail polish. apply your nail polish or gel polish in this sequence: black - grey - white.
apply gel/regular polish & top coat.

2. *if you choose to do regular polish - skip this step*
once gel is completely cured, lightly buff the surface of the nails to remove the shine.

3. start dotting! start at the free edge of the nail making sure the dots are nicely concentrated and close together.

4. start to work your way towards the cuticle, making the dots more sparse to give them the 'fading' look.
be sure to use white acrylic paint on the black nails and black acrylic paint on the white & grey nails :)
*TIP: using silver paint on the black would look super cute, too!*

5. once the acrylic paint has had time to dry, go ahead and apply your topcoat/sealer.
apply cuticle oil, and enjoy!

i love love love the look of these nails - i can't wait to do them in different colours!

sweet dreams;
-tasha xo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


thank goodness! i feel like im somewhat back to normal today! plus, it felt like fall was in the air here tonight and i'm so thankful! lol i can't take much more of the crazy heat we've been having. i'm so ready for cute boots, sweaters and skinny jeans.

 I did my nails and they look super-dee-duperly cute if i do say so myself :) they're pretty simple (for me, anyways..) but im loving them!

my nails have seen better days lately, and its my own fault for constantly taking them on and off alllll the time. tsk tsk tsk. so! today i just applied a thin layer of acrylic right over my natural nails, i didnt extend them or anything. then i applied OPI's Gelcolour in 'A Grape Fit!' - im seriously loving this colour lately, i've even got it on my tootsies! also, can we please talk about how faaaaaabulous my pure sparkle ring finger is?! which, might i point out, matches the gel polish colour p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y!

for anyone who read my 'summer hair savers' post, this is my favorite fishtail braid that ive been wearing all summer long. i wore it today so i thought i'd snap a quick picture and throw it into todays random blabbering blog post.

we went for dinner with dawn and dan tonight at mychosen cafe. it was delicious as always :)
look at our yummy desserts! 
jev & dawns monstrous brownie sundae! yum!
i asked for 2 scoops and got 4 lol banana-fudge ice cream. not as good as cotton candy ;) 
tomorrow, im doing dawns nails! im going to do a picture step-by-step and post it tomorrow night :) they're simple nails, but they look so neat! 

coming down from my sugar rush;
-tasha xo


ugh. i dont know whats with me today but i feel completely uninspired. ive been trying so hard to write a post everyday but for some reason today i felt like i had nothing much to say. so, why not post about my un-inspiration?

maybe its a mixture of a few things. i have daily stresses from co-owning 2 businesses. i find myself missing my Gampy (grandpa) lately, who passed over 10 years ago. i'm missing my dad, step-mom and family in Quebec terribly. i'm just feeling a bit down. my heart feels sad tonight, and i can't pin point why.. but i hate it. my Gampy was and is still a huge part of my life.. i guess with Jevad and I talking about babies and marriage, it got me thinking. he wont be here to see any of this. neither will my dad's dad, my Grandpapa. i miss my dad so much, its too hard being so far away from my family in Quebec. seeing them 10 days out of 365 just doesn't suffice. ive grown so close to my dad now that im older. we have so much more to talk about and relate to. my heart feels so sad..

my sudden case of un-inspiration has me a bit irked, too. i went from crafty-pants to lazy susan in 60 seconds flat. whats up with that?! i better run into my artistic side between now and bedtime, cause i've got nails to do tomorrow!

i know my little piece of the blogger-verse is new, and small.. very small. this is like my little baby, right now. im trying hard to keep posting day after day because i have a tendency to start projects and then throw them to the wayside. i'm not one to have much patience when it comes to some things, im trying to get my blog out there somehow, but i don't know how. does that make sense? do i start a facebook page? or do i wait, considering i only have 2 followers. hrrrumph :( i know, i know, i know. i can't expect this to just take off over night. but i'm going to keep working at it. i promise my next post won't be so glum.

searching for inspiration;
-tasha xo

Monday, August 20, 2012

put on your crafty pants!

i made the cutest little wall art today and decided i'd do a DIY step-by-step incase anyone else would like to recreate it :) i saw the idea on Pinterest and i had to give it a go for myself. here is my final result:

it started with a kiss
N + J

the original idea i saw was solid white, but our bedroom *where this will hang* is all cream, browns and beiges *and zebra print!*. i wanted colours that would complement what colours our bedroom already has so i chose to do a more distressed, cream and beige palette. 

here's what you'll need:
  • canvas *i got a 3 pack at Walmart for $5*
  • package of scrapbooking letters *i chose black so they'd stand out*
  • acrylic paints *any colour you would like*
  • foam paint brushes
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • black ribbon

1. start off with a fresh, clean canvas.

2. arrange with letters the way you'd like them. these ones aren't sticky on the back so i was able to slide them around. i wanted mine to look weathered and homemade so i mixed uppercase and lowercase letters and i made the lines straight but not perfect :)

3. get your glue gun ready! glue your letters in place.. careful! i burnt my finger a few times. make sure there are no 'spider webs' from the glue.. those will show up when you paint over everything.
*who loves my pink glue gun!?*

4. prep your paints. i used a comb of white and beige and washed it over the whole canvas. 
*you'll notice in the last photo, the paint is a bit darker. i took a fan brush and dipped it in water then lightly and (quickly!) brushed some black paint over different spots*

5. this is what your wall art should look like at this point. let it dry then hot glue the black ribbon to the back of the canvas. then grab the ribbon in the middle making a loop at the top *make sure the loop is centred, otherwise your art will hang crooked!*, apply a dab of glue at the base of the loop and glue both sides together. tie a bow where the loop has been glued to hide any glue remnants and to give it a girly finish, of course!

6. ta-daaaaa! here's my finished product. im excited to do more of these for the rest of the house, with different things on them. so inexpensive and so fun to make :)

Happy Crafting!
-tasha xo

Sunday, August 19, 2012

my summer hair savers

it's been soooo hot this July & August. usually when summer rears its head, i play it safe and throw my hair up in a messy bun. but this summer has been different, ive been inspired by my new obsession with boho-style maxi dresses, big chunky jewellery and gladiator-esque sandals. 

braids of all different styles and sizes have been my saving grace. almost everyday i've donned a braid-accessorized-'do! there's just something so fun and light about throwing a braid or two into your daily hairstyle! my two favourites are: the dutch braid and the fishtail braid. both are super-de-duperly easy but look quite the opposite. the pictures below are from today, wearing my mini dutch braid to keep my unkempt bangs at bay. 
the dutch braid i wore today was a dutch-french braid -didja get that? lol- to create a dutch-french braid, simply braid 'outward' instead of 'inward'. this makes it so the braid looks as if it's sitting on top and not underneath. after i've braided my sections to my desired braid length, i pin it to the rest of my hair and then i lightly pull pieces of the braid to loosen it and make it more 'relaxed'. i prefer this braid over a regular french braid any day. 

photo credit: Hairstyles Weekly
second, the beautiful fishtail braid. love love love this braid! i usually will clip in my Luxy Hair Extensions to give my hair extra length and make the braid a bit thicker.. even though ive got more hair than i know what to do with most days. this braid is simple, too, once you get the hang of it!
take two, same-sized sections. take one small piece from the back of the first section, move it over to the front of the second section. take a small piece from the back of the second section and move it over to the front of the first section. it sounds so confusing, but it really is a piece of cake! the key with this braid is small sections. the smaller the sections, the more defined the fishtail will look :)

if you're looking for something to save your tresses after days in the sun, i highly recommend Goldwell's Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment. this is by far the best at-home treatment that i've ever used. once a week is plenty for this 'smells-good-enough-to-eat' hair treat. thanks for saving my hair from a state of shock, Goldwell!

happy braiding!
-tasha xo

Friday, August 17, 2012

nail hate?

okay, okay, okay. my facebook news feed has been blowing up tonight for some odd reason and its alllllll about duck feet nails. for those who are unfamiliar with this trend, here's a little taste:
Nails by Allison Nicole

now before someone has a hairy-canary on me, let me just say this: some of the art work that these techs are doing on these super-flared-and-flamboyant nails is actually quite beautiful. i've seen some hand painted art on some duck feet sets that id love to have on my own nails. another plus is the workspace.. do you see the flare on those puppies?! the shape gives so much potential for some great custom art. with that being said,  and i hope ive buttered you duck feet darlings up enough to say this, i'm not partial to this shape. they go against everything that i was taught in nail school, in fact, a majority of us have worked our butts off to create nails that look nothing like this. 

this is how i was taught in school. i did these 2 sets below. this is my idea of 'beautiful' nails.

now, lets not all get our nail-knickers in a knot here. im not bashing anyones work, but when i think of a 'beautiful' set of nails, i think about a nice, consistent c-curve with straight sidewalls and the perfect apex. but this right here, is the beauty of the beauty industry: diversity. these girls that are rockin' the uber flare have perfected what their idea of a 'beautiful' nail is.. you go, girls! 

i know in my area, our 'style' if you will, tends to be the sleek, straight sidewalls and crisp clean lines.. not a lot of flare around these parts. so.. is this a trend that will be fast to fade or stick around for a while? only the nail gods know, and they ain't tellin'!

dealing with the duck-feet dilemma:
-tasha xo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

date night

well, another day of this crazy heat wave. 32 celsius with the humidity. its still around 21 and its almost 11pm. sheesh. i managed to scoot out of work early today, so what better way to spend a smouldering hot day than mexican food at Cafe Mexico with my love, a pit stop at the breakwater and a pineapple sundae to top it all off :)

Cafe Mexico :) we could probably eat here everyday and never get sick of it!

i love living on an island. the mountains, the ocean, everything. this was the view from infront of our car. we had to go down there to try and cool off with the ocean breeze. man, was it ever hot today. oh! see that little thing on the left in the picture? that was one of the cruise ships leaving Ogden point!

Ogden point, where alllll the cruise ships dock. we try to go down there during the summer because some of the cruise ships are unbelievable. we always joke about how we should jump the fence and try and sneak on board, or climb the ropes and hide until they set sail again. one day we'll get brave enough, one day! hehehe!

i did these nails today with 2 new glitters coming in the new GlamGirl Glitter collections that will be released soon *so excited!* im loving how vibrant the colours are. im so proud of our products..
when we release these glitter collections, im thinking we should have a 'name the color' contest. maybe even give away one of the collections or a gift card for GlamGirl Nail Accessories. i want so badly for our line to take off, i know its going to take some time. we're new, success doesn't always happen over night. but im impatient... lol do you do gels or acrylics? love nail art? take a second to check out our facebook page and website:

-Our official website is PayPal enabled! Not in Victoria? No worries! We ship Canada-Wide!-

wishing you love, joy and glitter-galore..
-tasha xo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hotter than a heatwave

holy mama. it was hotter than i don't know what here today (30+ celsius) . tomorrow and straight through until next week is supposed to be just as hot. sheesh. someone get this lady an ice bath, stat!

i did Dawn's nails today and they turned out super-dee-duperly cute. black and silver, her fav.
we used INM's Gelavish in  Devious, then brushed Amore's Pixie Gel in Disco Ball over her ring fingers. I finished the set off with some silver stamping -loving the heart shaped polka dots!!- and used my favourite 3D mold to create the white bow :) cute, cute, cute!
here's hoping i don't melt tomorrow! 
-tasha xo

my go-to-guru's

i have quite the love affair with youtube. i can spend hours upon mindless hours watching video after video but, i do have my favs! ive turned to these guru's videos time and time again for makeup tips, DIY's, and even when ive needed a laugh (or two.. or ten!)

my absolute fav of all time everrrrr is Kandee Johnson. She just seems to have so much fun making her videos and it totally shows. The everyday makeup looks she creates in her videos are easy to follow because she walks you through everything step-by-step. her youtube channel isn't just about makeup, she does quite a few DIY's which, regardless if i actually make anything, are fun to watch. She just somehow makes you feel like you're just hanging out with a friend, talking about this-n-that, havin' a good ol' time :)
this was a video that Kandee did for the 4th of July and it has to be her funniest video ever!

Jarmaine, Jarmaine, Jarmaine.. girl you make me laugh! Yet another youtube guru that doesn't take things too seriously and pokes fun -constantly- at everything. its hard not to laugh out loud sometimes while im watching her videos and Jev is sitting beside me watching tv. She covers everything from fitness to makeup to DIY's. her videos tend to be short, sweet and to the point :)
i like the fact that she doesnt aaaallllwwaaayyysssss use high-end makeup. in this video she shows us how to create a beautiful smokey eye by using makeup that we can purchase in the drugstore. you go, girl!

Sophia is a professional makeup artist (so is Kandee Johnson) and she is always coming up with fun, colorful, perfect-for-a-party looks that she also walks you through with her voiceovers while she is applying in her video. she has the same light, fun hearted kinda videos as Kandee and Jarmaine and i think thats why im so drawn to their videos. 
this look is just so pretty! its her "party eyes" tutorial. take a minute to look through some of her other videos. she is soooo not afraid to use color! one day, ill be as brave! lol

happy youtube-ing! 
-tasha xo

Monday, August 13, 2012

nails, nails & more nails

well, seeing as how this is a nail blog, i decided that i should add some new nail pictures because its just been way too long. enjoy!

as girly as it gets! im in love with this set that i did for a client.  so cute!

this set was done using INM's Gelavish gel polish in Devious (black) as well as our new GlamGirl Glitter in Disco Ball.

hot pink and zebra. love love love!

almond shaped nails are totally making a comeback this summer. nothing beats nude gel polish with a pop of pink for the feature nail :)

these ones were special for me to do. these were done on my bestie for her baby shower :) i hand painted "its a girl!" on her ring fingers to finish off this cute baby pink set.

Jamaica, yah'mon! these were a clients idea for her trip to Jamaica a few months ago. 

im so proud of these.. ive been practicing my hand painting!

these were on the same client who had the nude & pink almond nails a few pictures up. she asked for them a bit more pointy this time. the shape and colors go so well together - i feel like i could see Nicki Minaj or Rihanna wearing a set of these.. Nicki, Rhi-Rhi, call me!! hehehe