Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vieux Quebec

day 6: Old Quebec
Old Quebec. Probably one of my favorite places on Earth. We spent the afternoon and evening there today, walking around the cobblestone streets, listening to french accordion music fill the air and watching the sun slowly make its decent for the night. Old Quebec has to be one of the most romantic places, ever. We spent the morning lounging in the pool, tanning and maybe sneaking in a little nap here and there hehehe. Jev and i are having such an amazing time, but the days are flying by way too fast :(

Today was really nice, we had nothing scheduled and got to do whatever we wanted when we wanted. Its so nice being here and the biggest decision we have to make is wether we want toast or a bagel for breakfast. My Dad and France have been so amazing. Its really soooooo nice being here. Its really hard being so far away from people that you love so so so soooo much, but somehow we make it work year after year. We are going to treasure every moment that we've spent here, together. I truly do cherish these times.

Tomorrow morning we're getting up bright and early: we're going to my Dad and France's friends' Sugar Shack to see how they make REAL Maple Syrup - and no, im not talkin' about no Aunt Jemima syrup. Im talkin' about 100% Canadian Maple Syrup, baby! We'll be there for a traditional meal at lunch and then we're coming back home to lounge in the pool, play some cards, just relax, really. Grandmaman is coming over for dinner tomorrow night - she's just too cute! Im glad we get to spend more time with here before our time here is up.

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