Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time has slipped through our fingers

Where has the time gone? Im sitting here writing this post, asking myself that same question over and over. It feels like no matter how long we spend here, it would never be long enough. Im dreading Thursday more than anyone can ever imagine.
day 8: shopping, pizza and quality time
Today was a relaxed day. Today was also disgustingly hot hahaha Around 36 celsius with the humidity. My wonderful daddy took Jev and I to the mall to do one last round of shopping. Man, was it ever nice spending some time in that air conditioning lol. But, it was even better getting to do something as simple as walking through a mall with my dad, today. We dont get to do these kind of things whenever we want, so its such a luxury when we do. We've had such a great time here and i dont think Jev is wanting our time here to be up, either..

Dinner tonight was something that ive been craving since i had it the last time i was here 2 years ago. Spaghetti Pizza. Thats right. Spaghetti on pizza. Best. Pizza. Ever. Even though i was full after once slice, i forced down one more haha. yummy! We spent the rest of the night together: Jev and France reading the flyers and me continuing my winning streak in crib against my dad (1-3 for me to be exact!)

Tomorrow is a day strictly for the 4 of us. We're going to lounge around in the pool, maybe play some cards, maybe have some lobster for dinner - who knows! All i know is, as long as we spend the day together, it'll be perfect to me.

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