Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shop 'til we drop

Day 2 in Quebec and we're loving every minute, every second here. Today we went shopping at La Gallerie de la Capitale - one of my fav malls here. We held off on buying everything we saw, as we are probably going to some of the other malls in the city but Jev still bought me some cute neon-strapped flip-flops with little bows on the side :) Jev had his first REAL poutine today and i got my cheese curd-fix lol

day 2: shopping!
Dinner was delicious as always. Dad made ribs boiled in Pepsi -yes, i said Pepsi- then be BBQ'd them with his homemade BBQ sauce and served them with his homemade fries. oh-em-gee! These were by far the best ribs i've ever had! Of course dinner was followed by my step-mom's fabulous strawberry shortcake. yum, yum, yum!

We spent the rest of the night talking. Talking about the past, talking about the present and talking about the future and the exciting things to come. I just love how much all of our relationships have grown and how comfortable we are with talking about anything with one another. Thats what makes it so hard to be so far away from one another.. But we are making sure to make the most out of our time together. We also spent the other half of the night playing cards, laughing and joking around. Its only our second day but i wish time would just slow down. These days fly by like minutes and im enjoying myself too much for them to pass by so fast. Jev got to meet my Godmother and Grandmaman tonight, and like everyone else that has met him so far, they say he is a 'beau bonhomme'. Loosely translated, they think he's a great guy! Boy, are they ever right :)

Tomorrow night we're going for dinner with a majority of my family and i can't wait to introduce Jev to more of my family!

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