Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Planes, trains and swanky hotels

Well, we are officially on vacation. I know i haven't written in a few months - i've been very busy. But i thought there'd be no better way to make a blog-comeback than to blog everyday about our vacation! This is allll about yesterdays shenanigans and our long, long, loooooooooong adventure to get here. I was going to post this yesterday but as you'll read below, yesterday didn't necessarily go to plan...

before boarding the flight to Ottawa.. if we only knew what was to come! lol

-sigh- Where do i begin?  We left from Victoria bright and early and were blessed with a smooth flight which gave us hope for the rest of our journey to Quebec.. boy, were we wrong.  We flew out of Vancouver to Ottawa which is around a 4.5 hr flight. We spent 4.5 hrs being tossed around by the turbulent sky, flew 60 km off course to avoid a storm, circled the airport for a while before getting cleared to land because of a backup in air traffic due to the THUNDER AND LIGHTNING STORMS IN OTTAWA. Are you kidding me?! Forks of lightning are striking and we're watching it 30, 000 ft in the air?! By this time, Jevad is so far beyond motion sick his complexion has a slight green hue, i'm freaking out because we are stuck on the runway in a giant metal tube in the middle of one of the worst thunder and lightning storms Ottawa has had in a loooong time and the pilot comes on the intercom to inform us of flight cancellations. 

"Great, just great!" i'm thinking to myself..

After 45 mins of being stuck on the runway in a hot, smoggy plane we finally make a mad dash for the terminal to investigate the flight cancellations. Quickly glancing at the screen i notice only two flights have been cancelled, the rest are just delayed. After a second glance i realize -of course- our flight from Ottawa to Quebec is one of the two cancelled flights. We had to rebook our flight to Quebec which was no problem, except for the fact that we now had to take two more planes instead of one and Jevad was in no shape to be doing much of anything at this point. So, we sat and we waited. And waited and waited and waited. Finally, it was time to board. We board our flight now going to Toronto. We settle in all nicely only to hear those words that have now started to make us cringe..

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain BlahBlahBlah..."

Im sitting there thinking "this really isn't going to be good news, is it?.."

"We have a bit of bad news to inform you of.. Unfortunately there is also a bad thunder and lightning storm in Toronto which has caused ground delays. No flights are going into or leaving from Toronto Pearson International. This is expected to last an hour and we will know within 40 minutes if and when we are allowed to leave."

By this time im becoming quite frustrated. I can feel my blood pressure spike and a little bit of anger rise within me. So we sit, and wait, and wait some more. Finally after an hour of waiting inside the plane they inform us that we are able to fly into Toronto, but we now need to switch planes as the pilots for the plane we were on had gone home for the evening. Its now around 10:30-11:00 pm. We have completely missed our connecting flight to Quebec City that is supposed to be leaving from Toronto *when we are still in Ottawa..* and im almost ready to either scream, cry or drop to the floor and throw one of the most epic temper tantrums any 3 year old would be proud of. I ask the girl at the new gate what our chances would be at getting a flight into Quebec tonight, she didnt say much but her face said it all. That was it. I had hit my boiling point. My eyes welled up with huge tears and i just started to bawl. And not even a quiet cry, i was ugly-crying in the middle of the airport while talking to my dad on the phone and i just didn't give a crap who saw! Thank goodness for my sweet Jevie right by my side 

 Finally we take off and are on our way to Toronto, when yet again the captain comes on and tells us that yet again it's going to be a very rough and turbulent ride. Awesome. Jevad's trying desperately to not puke in my lap and im fuming about missing our connection. 

my poor, sweet Jevie trying to sleep 

We make it to Toronto, barely in one piece, but we made it. We gather our things, shove our way into the assembly line to try and get off the flying death trap, and oh! whats that sound?! Thats the sound of the captain, AGAIN, to let us know that now the bridge won't attach to the plane and the mechanics are on the way. I honestly dont know how i hadn't pulled my own hair out by this point. Thank the flying gods, it only took them about 15 minutes and we were off the plane. We made a beeline for the help desk and she informed us that no, there are no more flights leaving tonight and that we would be put in a hotel and rebooked for a flight in the morning. She told us to go get our luggage and then run up to the third level of the airport *which, might i add, is an extremely huge airport!* and there they would get us all set up for the night. Long story semi-short: Our luggage didn't arrive in Toronto -we found out today it was stuck in Ottawa- and we had been rebooked for the 7am flight the next morning. Now, while i waited in line to speak to someone Jev had gone to look at something and on his way back he slipped and fell on a wet-flippin-floor that no one had put a sign on. I look up to see him sitting on the floor with his backpack thrown on the floor beside him and i had no idea what was going on. At first i thought: "that little brat! he's sitting down over there, taking a breather and im battling the crowd?!" I then quickly was informed, by him, that he had fallen but he was alright. I then laughed hysterically because: a) it was funny and b) because we were delerious. FYI, it was now around 1:30 am and we had been up since 5:00 am the morning before.

They put us up in the beautiful Alt Hotel. We finally got to bed around 2:45-3:00 am after a gourmet meal of iced tea, coca-cola and a bag of Miss Vicki's Chips each. 2 hours of sleep and we were back at the airport on the 7 am flight to Quebec City! Seeing my dad, step mom and the rest of my family waiting for us at the gates made the whole adventure so worth it. We're here now, we're in one piece. Jevad is feeling much better, and we are just filled with so much love and excitement to be here. Here's to an amazing 11 days 


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