Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Well, i seem to be starting off my entries with the same sentence: "Another beautiful day here in Quebec" or something along those lines - but it's true. It was another beautiful day in Quebec. Our vacation has been perfect so far and we've still got just under a week to go. I just cant say it enough, i love being here.
day 4: quading, tanning and birthday wishes

We spent the day at the lake. Quading through my step-mom's family's property, tanning on the dock and tossing the ball & frisbee into the water for my uncles dog, Dookie. France made some yummy sandwiches, so we got to have a pic-nic on the dock with our tootsies in the water. The weather today was warm and humid, so going to the lake was a perfect way to spend the day.
me driving the quad and my step-mom as my trusting passenger - brave lady! lol
Dinner tonight was at St Hubert, a very popular restaurant here in Quebec. France works there and so does my aunt. My uncle flew back into town tonight from a work trip so we met him there and had dinner with him, too! Finally Jev got to meet him face-to-face instead of talking over Skype. Jev made everyone laugh as always and Jev, Dad and Uncle all traded stories. The staff, France and my Aunt surprise me with a birthday brownie *my birthday is in 2 weeks* and they sang happy birhday! I wished for so many wonderful things before i blew out that candle.. but of course, i cant tell you what they are or they wont come true!

Tomorrow night is the big BBQ at our house! Our whole family will be here tomorrow night and im so excited to have everyone together in one place.. Vacation is just going by way to fast, but it has been absolutely perfect so far 

oh, and for the record: they have wine in juice boxes here! WINE IN JUICE BOXES!

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